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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

PurpleSaurus Rex

As apex predators in a limited ecosystem, PurpleSaurus Rex is always looking into new potential food sources. You can imagine our delight when we saw the Awful Waffles on the schedule, that sounds delicious! What makes it Awful though? Is that like a sauce? Not all of you actually watched Salute Your Shorts growing up, probably because me and and the Waffles are old balls and want you to get off our lawn, so let's turn to our old friend Urban Dictionary to lay out exactly what an Awful Waffle is:


awful waffle

The procedure for administering an awful waffle is as follows: 

1. Pin somebody to the top of a table. 
2. Pull their shirt up. 
3. Firmly press a tennis racket into their stomach. 
4. Pour syrup on their stomach. 

Are you kidding me? That's even better! The tender flesh of the belly is the most delicious part of the whole meal (unless you count the pure joy of nibbling the flesh off of our victims faces after tearing their heads off.), and now we get to enjoy it with maple syrup and built-in floss to make sure that the bits of fleshy gore don't get stuck in our teeth? Jackpot!

This game is going to involve a copious amount of PurpleSaurus Punch, a lot of yelling at each other, VERY little bunting, and this challenge:

Carrie B, I propose that the losing captain in this matchup submit to an ACTUAL awful waffle to be administered on home base immediately following the conclusion of the game. I'll bring the tennis racket, you bring the syrup, everyone else just bring video recording equipment and get ready to chant and watch a really bizarre hazing ritual.

Raging Dinos

Sad to say, we got razzle dazzled last week. Just like any red blooded American boy we got a little too "excited" a little too soon.

That dirty tv harlot, Hannah Montana, got us all fluffed using the skills of her sensei, Mama June

Then she stole our Vcard like it was her job.

And maybe we liked it...don't judge. 

This week we've got Relax. It should be great match up considering they are practically dinosaurs themselves. I mean what is this their 54432164131218548646152nd season to play?

Bring it on old timers! The Dinos are ready to RAGE!!! 


Tight and Bright

Last week’s game against Suck My Kick was an incredible experience, eliciting sensational emotion and lighting the fire of TnB’s rarely challenged competitive nature.

The game started with an ounce of uncertainty as Kerry performed perhaps one of the worst attempted catch and misses ever seen at South Austin Rec Center. SMK went up by one. Then they went up by 2. Things were looking bleak for a moment. But we are a band of brothers, and we are not to be questioned.

SMK saw 3 consecutive girls in the lineup. Perhaps they relaxed. Perhaps they felt safe. Who’s really to say what they did but themselves? All I know is that whatever they did, it was wrong. They failed to see the treacherous threat that lurks in the gauntlet of Alex “Sweet Cleats” Gagarin, and Kate “Slow and Steady” Rutkowski, and Erin “Been making it to 1st Base since I was 11” Shirley. The bases get loaded 9 times out of 10… and then there’s Bogdan “Seal the Deal” Ubvrczhekinglock? Y’all got no chance.

We scored 1, and should’ve scored another but some BS call got in the way. No worries. We knew we’d tie it up, and we did. Then SMK may or may not have rearranged their line-up, because apparently that’s allowed now. Do what you will. Our lineup needs no rearranging, because there is literally no weak link. Their hearts rushed with a tremendous kick deep into our outfield that was magically caught by Aurel and Butler collectively - not sure it was pretty, but I am sure it was great. Twas the bottom of the 5th, and a sense of destiny floated in the air. The girly gauntlet came up again and IDK what SMK was doing because in the wise words of one of our nation’s great leaders “If you fool me, can’t get fooled again.” But alas, fool them we did. All I know is it was Alex on 3rd, and me on 2nd, 1st base empty and Bogdan up. Do I even need to spell it out for you? Bogdan took things to Boomtown, Alex sauntered on over to home plate, and we walked those bitches off. VICTORIOUS AGAIN!!!!

This week we play Big Leballski, which will put us at 6-0 at this point I believe. Peace and love y’all.

Relax and Let It Happen

We didn’t care about last week’s game with Wolverines, and we don’t care about this week vs. the Raging Dinos. They’ll show up, we’ll destroy, high fives will be exchanged, and we’ll go back to our daily lives. Pishity poshity poo.

This week we’d like to use our GMOT opportunity to share with you the other things that Relax is awesome at. We have a critically acclaimed soccer franchise – did you know? We are led to victory week after week with Clay “Golden Boot” Logue at the top, Jenna, Kate and CV’s own Tom Hallock abreast in our midfield, and JG, Jay “Stonewall Jaykson” Russell and Shan holding us down in the back. The lucky breaks that do get by are immediately shut down by Dave “The Cat” Stratton in between the pipes. The entire Austin Sports and Social community fears us, and rightfully so. We’ve been league runner ups for about 5 seasons now, and we can feel the championship in our near future. This season is a GREAT time to be great.

Additionally, we are taking our kickball skills to Atlanta in March for the Georgia Kickball Open. We’re also taking Joey. This is a little bit like adopting a pet tiger. In the pit of your heart, you know it’s a bad idea. But you do it anyways, because he looks so majestic! He’ll keep biting off the faces of your loved ones, and you’ll keep forgiving him, attributing it to the “natural way of his animal instincts”. One day you’ll be really sorry, but as long as that day isn’t today… YOLO. On a brighter note, we’re combining forces with “Lock it Up” hailing from the great state of New York. We’re gonna be looking good in orange, and we plan to bring the glory of a kickball title back to Austin.

We’ll continue to keep you guys posted on all of our successes. Love you!!

The Tyrannical Teabaggers

After our victory last week over the Tyrannical Dunderbaggers in the inaugural Tyrannical Bag-off, we have a bye week to rest up. In the mean time, here is our season summed up in videos/gifs.

Week 1: We lose to Relax handily.

Week 2: We lose to Stride of Pride.

 Week 3: We practice during our bye week. Now we can all do 1 arm pushups while teabagging someone.

 Week 4: We're beating Candy Van until we have 1 horrible inning and come up way short in the end.

 Week 5: We beat Relax.

And shut them out?

Dre's response...

 League's response...

Week 6: We beat Tyrannical Dunderbaggers. How the game went...

How we feel about their team name...

Week 7: Our second bye week.

Better Red than Blue Balls

Well, shit. This wasn't exactly the way we planned to go into our match against Stride of Pride, but maybe a loss against Pitches B Trippin was for the best. Sure, we may have been missing two of our best players while also getting cute with the line-up, but Pitches exposed some weaknesses in, what we thought was, our stellar defense and were able to put together one good inning that we could never recover from.

We don't have any grandiose notions about this week's game, but we do hope to play Stride somewhat competitively, much like Hannah and Whiskey Kick did in previous weeks.

Stride, your thoughts? "This week is a lock at least."

Well, shit; maybe they'll underestimate us.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013


Well, this is awkward. My friend, co-captain, and fake brother Tom has put us all in a strange position. (And no, I wasn't just going to lie there, MI-CHAEL, if that's what you were thinking.)

We, the incredible team formed by Captain DBAG and Captain VAG almost 3 years ago, are slated to face off against DBAG's other team (captained by his lady companion) this week. So, there were two options on the table for Tom: play with Candy Van and get a questionable return on investment in the bedroom, or play with That Kick Cray and have me kick him in the nuts repeatedly every time I saw him. Now, unless you're a masochist who hates your junk, neither of those options seem ideal. 

We thought about it more and realized that it really wasn't fair for poor Tom to choose. 

I mean, look at this kid:

Do you think he beat up a 12-year-old girl to get that bike? Do you think he's even capable of making an educated decision on which team to play for?

Those are some sweet moves, even if it is the lamest thing ever caught on tape.

So, we came up a solution: Tom doesn't play. Instead, Tom is crowned Douche King and is placed somewhere in the outfield. Anytime someone's kick hits Tom? He finishes his drink and takes a swig of our special Fire Water. It's magical!

We guarantee one thing will happen during our game: 20+ people are going to be doing their darndest to hit Tom with their balls in that 45 minute time slot. Join us. 8 p.m. on field 4. You'll only regret it a little bit.

Candy Van

Awful Waffles

This week the Waffles play purplesaurus Rex..

The forecast for Thursday?

Meteor storms with a strong chance of raging in the late evening. With zombie purplesauruses at that point i suppose, or however they keep coming back, stronger, with more purpley punch of destruction. Or is it purplesauri? Seriously why hasn't there been a movie with zombie dinosaurs?

(I know, you didn't think this gmot could get any better, then BOOBS!!!!)

Stride of Pride

Let's play a game of Stride of Pride? Or another team?

Here are the categories and you can make your guesses:
  • Beat up on Teabaggers
  • Force little children into their vans/cars
  • Wait until others girls aren't looking and then slip pills into their drinks
  • Drink sake from a box in the girls bathroom at G&S after games
  • Team orgy in the photobooth
  • Have players that sleep with Val
Think you got them all? Let's run through the answers.
  • Yes, that's us. But in fairness, it's also everyone else. Except Relax. Who didn't even score.
  • Nope. Just a Candy Van thing. I'd say it's only a few of them, but there are actually quite a few offenders who are no longer allowed near an elementary school.
  • Nope again. Just a Relax thing. Mostly Kate cause she's desperate, but I think I've seen a few other team members take part in the ritual.
  • Absolutely us. It didn't taste great, but hey, why not?
  • Naturally. There were two guys and three girls involved. I'm not sure who had what in who, but there were most definitely no virgins left after those hot, sweaty five minutes. Shit got weird. Fast.
  • Yeah that's just nobody. Poor Val. Maybe someone on a Live team would be so desperate? Any takers? Anyone? No? Sorry Val. I tried.
Last week we had bases loaded, 1 out in the bottom of the last inning with our trusty captain up. That's at least a tie, right? Eh. Maybe next time. At least we did better than the first time. This week is a lock at least. Then we'll see you people in what like a month? Keep those kicking legs warm in the meantime.

The Tyrannical Dunderbaggers

Dunder lost the Bag off. We kind of figured that would happen. We scored a few runs on them. They scored a lot of runs on us. We didn't take the game too seriously and played some Dunderites in some new positions. It seemed like a pretty low key for the Teabaggers too, they only lost their shit while arguing one call this game. Good times.

Dunder plays Bruce is Loose this week. We don't know anything at all about Bruce or why Bruce is Loose. We don't really care. This is our last game for another 3 weeks. It's going to be the most evenly matched up game we have for the rest of the season. We plan on having a shit ton of fun and being awesome.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Stride of Pride

S-lay. For every in the league wants to do Jordan. He's prettier than most. SLAY HIM OR KILL YOURSELF, TOM! 
T-anker. Not enough positive adjectives in the world to even bother here. And he's better than Val.
R-ing. Mizzy was blinged out last week from a wedding proposal. The happy marriage has now ended in tragedy I guess, but what a week!
I-ndependent. Leann's like a lone lumberjack in the woods. She don't need nobody.
D-ouchebags. Our opponents for the week are the douchiest of them all.
E-rin. Was that too easy? Is she too easy? 
O-ppressive. Sound like a certain leader to you? There's a reason this team was created. Now the people rule. 
F-reak injury. Bruce would you quit already? Tearing ligaments stretching? COME ON.
P-retty hair. NOBODY on the team has hair quite as pretty as Zach. We all hope one day to grow flowing golden locks like his. 
R-abid drinker. I think that sums Carrie up in a nutshell. Moving on.
I-Scott damn near gouged his eye out last time we played CV catching a ball. That guy's crazy. Yes, I did just use I for eye. Blow me.
D-rinking. It's all that is ever on Kate's mind. She just smoothly tried to play it off with "i swear to god i think about things other than alcohol..." but we know better.
E-ddie. That one wasn't even a challenge. 

Nobody actually likes you Candy Van.

Better Red than Blue Balls

Another week, another 10-0 win, another chance to get disrespected in the power rankings. Same old, same old for Better Red than Blue Balls.

Last week we played Sons of Pitches and while they were more competitive than their record would indicate, we were able to consistently manufacture a couple runs per inning while playing lights out defense to quickly make this a not-so-competitive match. It was nice to get a decisive win against our former team, because that meant we got to gloat afterwards. Humble in defeat, gracious in victory? Never heard of it.

This week we complete our three week journey to the bottom of the standings by playing the last-ranked Pitches B Tripping squad. We don't know much about them, but looking at the schedule, they have played all their games close (including against both Dino teams), so this might be a better game in person than on paper.

PurpleSaurus Rex

We don't take Valentine's day lightly at PurpleSaurus, and we did our damndest to look good in metallic tights and beads all night before seducing a lucky few singles at the bar and taking them home for the night of their lives. (Full disclosure, I'm pretty sure everyone went home alone). The Purple Ladies were just too intimidatingly attractive to approach, I don't blame the men-folk for feeling like they weren't worthy:

Unfortunately, the big news of the week amidst a sloppy by fun game against Menace was we lost one of our own in a horrific 3rd base collision which resulted in a torn ACL and possibly torn meniscus, we're still waiting to see the results of the MRI. We'll henceforth be pouring out a glass of purple punch before each game for our fallen comrade Ashley McKemie (far left) as she goes through an interminable 6-8 months without kickball.

We're taking the week off to lick our wounds and wonder how the hell we're 4-1 until next week brings our showdown with Awful Waffles, who have no idea what's coming for them. We're going to Sponge your Donkeylips until you say Ug Waffles, so PREPARE YOURSELF.

The Tyrannical Teabaggers

The kickball gods are an odd bunch. We were probably at our lowest point as a team during this 3 game losing streak, and honestly the season was in danger of completely flying off of the rails. Then we decided to play our best game in ages and beat Relax 2-0 last week. Awesome. This is only our 2nd time beating them, but we've been so close several times that it felt great to finally put together a complete game and bring home the victory. I could be wrong, but I don't know if Relax has ever been shut out before, or at least not in years. I'm going to assume Relax is mature enough to accept that they were outplayed and not bitch about anything. They were missing a couple of their fast guys, but so were we. There weren't any really terrible calls either. Even if Derek is called out in the last inning we still win 1-0. Relax had lots of base runners, but either they couldn't get a kick when they needed it or we made a defensive play just when we needed it. Everybody played well and had a hand in the win, but special kudos to Joyce for her clutch over the shoulder catch in the last inning to preserve the win.

This week we play The Tyrannical Dunderbaggers in the first and probably only Tyrannical Bag-off. Should be a grand ol' time. Sorry for not being funny this week. We'll do better next week.

-The Most Boring Team in Capital

Tuesday, February 19, 2013


IMMA BE HONEST HERE: I had a bit of GMOT writer's block for a second there. I was in a dark place emotionally, truly living the experience I captured on film just a few short weeks ago. GMOT Block is a real thing, friends, and it can happen to anyone.

So, where does a GMOT author turn when she needs inspiration?




Look at this man:

Did you really look at him? That 'stache, that baby snatchin': if he doesn't belong on Candy Van I don't even know who does.

Look at this angel. On top of earning the title of best Hollywood actor of all time, he's also a true inspiration, a teacher, and a guiding light in all of our times of darkness.


Too soon?

He's not without flaws, but we believe we can rehabilitate him. 

If I can overcome pointing at the camera, so can Nicolas F*CKING Cage.

So Nic, here's your official invitation: come join our kickball team. We think you'd fit in really well, and we'd let you play whatever position you want! If you're interested, come join us at South Austin Rec Center at 6:30 p.m. You'll know us by our socks and the stench of stale Fireball on our lips.


Candy Van

Relax and Let It Happen

This week we play Wolverines, and we haven’t been this excited in a while. Yes we had a pizza party last week, yes we had the most delicious cupcakes to ever grace our palates, and yes, we developed rock hard abs laughing all night at JG who single-handedly lost to the Teabaggers for us. But this week is an entirely different story. We look to this match with the Wolves with smiles on our faces and a glimmer in our collective eye. We’re gonna mix that lineup up. Jeb’s gonna do ambidextrous trick kicks all night long. Hopefully JG’s gonna clean it up and be the man with the extra muscle in his leg that we know him to be.

To the Wolves – don’t get too worked up out there. Everything’s going to be okay, and this can even be fun if you let it be. We have literally never meant it more than we do right now, but we’ll say it once again – just relax and let it happen.

PS/FYI – “Some PEOPLE, have a little extra muscle in their legs. It's very small and mostly doesn't make a difference. Any race can have it, but more black people have it. Kind of like sickle cell or the ability to rap.” Thank you, Internet.

Tight and Bright

TnB is nailing it in every possible way this season. We’re undefeated and we’re definitely not sorry. FYI, League – if no one stops us, we can’t be stopped!! This week we play Suck My Kick – who ARE you even? We don’t care.

A special thanks to everyone who looked on and got hyped about our inter-squad engagement last week. It was a magical moment, followed by an incredible bachelorette party which I’m pretty sure no one remembers. Except maybe the girl giving the look of horror in the background below. Yes, it’s all moving a little fast, but you really only have a few months in these types of scenarios.

Kudos to That Kick Cray for taking it like champs last week. Highlights include: homemade Valentines, light up tutus and furry neon bear caps, and a majestic laser RKI from Bogdan that appeared to come from the boot of Messi himself. For the good of the Live League, we vow to keep on keepin it Tight and Bright. Peace and love y’all.

The Tyrannical Dunderbaggers

Hey there GMOT reader, how's it going? Dunder would like to apologize. We had one of the best GMOT entries ever written up. In fact, we wrote it up a couple weeks in advance. It was pretty legit. It was topical to kickball interests, talked a bit of trash about our opponents tonight (the Tyrannical Teabaggers), and had one of the greatest kickball pictures ever taken.

So, you're probably wondering what happened to this magical entry. Well, beloved GMOT reader, our team's lawyers nixed the idea. No, really, our team lawyers nixed the whole thing. We have lawyers on our team. Two of the three lawyers on our team didn't want anything to do with the entry. We pulled it because not only are these two guys bad ass lawyers that know their shit, but they're usually two of the crazier dudes on Dunder. Evidently, the Texas Bar Association is not very fun group of people to deal with.

So, the short of it is that we here at Dunder, listened to our attorneys for once and decided not to post the most amazing GMOT entry ever. We apologize. Instead, here are some pictures of cats drinking beer.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

The Tyrannical Teabaggers

Well we're getting closer.  We beat Candy Van last week 3-1...........if you don't count that inning they scored 6 runs in.  Kudos to Candy Van for kicking well that inning.  We keep getting better each week, and that's fine with us.  Slow and steady wins the race my friends.  We'll be like the New York Giants of last year and have a mediocre regular season before storming through the playoffs en route to a championship.  In the meantime we'll have some team bonding to lift our spirits:

There will be speeches.....

And then we'll watch movies about getting out of funks.....

Sadly the real life story of that movie has a depressing ending (http://www.cracked.com/article_19564_6-based-true-story-movies-with-unpleasant-epilogues_p2.html)

If it doesn't work the first time then we'll watch the sequel......(sorry for the weird ending)

Stride of Pride

I forgot to write a GMOT, so in lieu of that, I wanted to share something for all you lovebirds who "are late to remembering" Valentine'sDay:
LIVESTRONG’s partners at FTD are offering Foundation supporters 20% off flowers and gifts this Valentine’s Day.  Visit ftd.com/livestrong20to support our mission and show your love.

If you're just lonely like Kate and Val, you can order them for yourself and pretend like someone in this world likes you. 

Last week we had Relax on the ropes and then stopped caring, but this week we're back vs. Hannah and ready for win No. 2! See you Thursday.

Awful Waffles

Unfortunately the Waffles have a bye this week.  Luckily that leaves us more time to creep on all the sad lonely single dudes and ladies on Valentines… In the mean time, Tanner got together with Jameson and created our first epic GMOT.  Ladies did I mention he's a fireman?  And saves puppies.  Not kittens though, cats are weird.

Without further ado...


It was a crisp cool winter night in the heart of Austin Texas. Sixteen of the world’s finest kickballers stood tall under the bright towering lights of South Austin Rec Center. These sixteen menaces of kickball destruction, all looking for the ultimate glory of another Awful Waffle championship. Reclaiming that bronze cup of grandeur as they had once possessed is all that is on these determined Waffles minds.

Many people still talk of that glorious day, as well as the future for this non-contested team.  Questions such as these are asked every Thursday. Are they on the verge of that glory once again? Are we looking at the next 2 time WAKA Champions? Are the Waffles un-beatable at T-Rex flip cup? Many believe so, some in fact believe that the “Waffles” never actually lose, but in fact devour their defeats in a heap of booze and Flipidy flip cup.

What’s the secret to the Awful Waffles success you might add? Well simple, they follow a very standard, yet critical philosophy that reads, “ natural selection theory states that drinking alcohol kills off the weak, old, and slow brain cells, leaving only the more fit and effective ones to survive."
                                                                                                          -Kickball Surgeon General
Admired by many, and rivaled by none, it would be an honor for me to finally announce your beloved Awful Waffles to this beautiful GMOT.

Burnham AKA “Darkside of the Waffle Waffle” is and all around legend of the game.  Usually holding down his own personal “death star” at third base, he has become a total menace to all the “bunters” of the game. But when he’s not destroying planets, or picking off bunts, he’s back at G&S commanding down some brews, and of course letting everyone know,  “who’s your daddy?”

Laney or "Laney Lane Kiffen Waffle" is an all around star to the world of WAKA.  Even though we are probably no longer friends after giving her this new nickname, I can still vouch that she has one of the best on base percentages in the game.  Crushing pitchers all over the league, Ella es temido pro todo el mundo.

Carrie B. AKA “The Kickball/Unicorn Slayer Waffle", is the ultimate veteran to the game. A threat at every position, as well as to majestic magical creatures everywhere, Carrie B is the well know around WAKA, as the “ultimate badass” of kickball killin.

Damon or “Handsomely Svelte Hansel Waffle”, is a top tier first baseman who when not catching outs or scoring runs, is usually out completely dominating the world of male modeling, or break dance fighting. I mean c’mon he’s like so hot right now…  Cool story

Jennifer AKA “Dr. Waffle” is a kickball master, a surgeon of sorts all over the field. When she’s not curing life threatening diseases, pwning raptors and generally all dinosaurs, or manipulating the perfect “kickball” DNA, Dr.Waffle is terrorizing the teams in Texas Live with some mad crazy kickball skills.

Guenther AKA "Optimo Primo Waffle", is a pure thoroughbred to the sport of kickball. When he’s not saving the world from horrifyingly evil Decepticons, he’s throwing strikes or flippin cups. Of course doing so with all his fellow Awful Autobot Waffles..

Tanner: AKA "Mr.December" AKA "The Most Interesting Waffle in the World" is another legend of sorts. Of course when he’s not  saving lives or putting out fires{ladies;)} He’s throwing mad pitches and kicking in runs, all for the love of his favorite Awful Waffles.

Cole: AKA "I got your kick right here waffle", is a genius when it comes to the sport of kickball. With the speed of cheetah and the grace of a gazelle, he is truly a difference maker in any game. Being he is our number one lead-off man in the field, and of course number one in our hearts, Cole is truly an all around Awful Waffle for life.

Abby: AKA "This is Sparta Waffle", hails from the great Michigan State University. Representing her Spartans everywhere she is truly a “teacher of destruction,” for all that stand in her way of kickball glory.

Ben: AKA "Hot Hands Ben Waffle" is the 80’s voice of reason for our team. Not only that, his hands are hotter than Freddie Mercury was flaming, so don’t kick towards this guy, or you’ll just be another one who bites the dust.

Goryl: AKA "Here Comes the Boom Waffle" is the ultimate team player. The only reason the Waffles stay pumped on the field every week is because of the tunes from Goryl’s bitchin boombox. Not just that, but Here Comes The Boom makes one hell of a catcher, making some of the most life-threatening diving catches WAKA has ever seen, necessary or not.

Chase: AKA "Blue Steel Waffle" knows that he’s pretty sure there's a lot more to life than being really, really, ridiculously good looking..  Possibly being really really ridiculously good looking while playing kickball.  One of the top kickballers on our team, as well as the ultimate eugoogoolizer, Chase serves a huge part to the Awful Waffles success, catching everything with just. one. look.

Carrie Gilson: AKA "The Great Bambino Waffle", is what kickball is all about. With just a complete unmatched skill level at every position, The Great Bambino Waffle is why the Awful Waffles are where they are today. And of course will continue to be FOR-EV-ER!

Josh: AKA "Fantastic Mr. Josh" / AKA "Clooney of Kickball" is what we in WAKA call, perfection. Whens he’s not robbing the Bellagio or making blockbuster movies, he’s at South Austin Rec center owning you noobs in that measly game you call kickball...

B-Lane: AKA "Jareth David Bowie Waffle", “Give me the child. Through dangers untold and hardships unnumbered, I have fought my way here to the castle beyond the Goblin City to take back the child that you have stolen. For my will is as strong as yours, and my kingdom is as great... For my will is as strong as yours, my kingdom as great... Damn.”

Curtis: AKA "The Gosling Waffle", is sexy and he knows it. As the total heart throb of the Waffle franchise he commands total respect on and off the field. So pull out your Notebooks ladies and join his Gangster Squad, for this is the Gosling of Kickball…

Balls Against Humanity

Last week we played Purplesaurus. It was so refreshing to play a team that actually kicks the ball! We lost by one but had some good plays so we’re ready to take on the Bruce is Loose today.

Last season sometimes we struggled to keep it together at the open bar parties:


See blond girl sleeping in the middle.

I know this isn’t my team but it needed a GMOT appearance.

However, Friday night we held it together and had an awesome time. We did have one teammate lose their credit card, but the girl who found it looked up the name on facebook so she could return it at the bar! There were also lots of inappropriate conversations, $2 jagerbombs at Latitude after the party, and some slutty behavior, but it wouldn’t be a WAKA party without those things!

Raging Dinos

This week is all about the

In this league, if you haven't made out with the person to your left and your right, you're doing it wrong. It's time to redeem yourself.

Lucky for you, this Thursday is VD!! And we all love VD...

So dazzle that beautiful dino with your adequate dance moves.

And get to making those sweet sweet dino eggs...