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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Stride of Pride

Let's play a game of Stride of Pride? Or another team?

Here are the categories and you can make your guesses:
  • Beat up on Teabaggers
  • Force little children into their vans/cars
  • Wait until others girls aren't looking and then slip pills into their drinks
  • Drink sake from a box in the girls bathroom at G&S after games
  • Team orgy in the photobooth
  • Have players that sleep with Val
Think you got them all? Let's run through the answers.
  • Yes, that's us. But in fairness, it's also everyone else. Except Relax. Who didn't even score.
  • Nope. Just a Candy Van thing. I'd say it's only a few of them, but there are actually quite a few offenders who are no longer allowed near an elementary school.
  • Nope again. Just a Relax thing. Mostly Kate cause she's desperate, but I think I've seen a few other team members take part in the ritual.
  • Absolutely us. It didn't taste great, but hey, why not?
  • Naturally. There were two guys and three girls involved. I'm not sure who had what in who, but there were most definitely no virgins left after those hot, sweaty five minutes. Shit got weird. Fast.
  • Yeah that's just nobody. Poor Val. Maybe someone on a Live team would be so desperate? Any takers? Anyone? No? Sorry Val. I tried.
Last week we had bases loaded, 1 out in the bottom of the last inning with our trusty captain up. That's at least a tie, right? Eh. Maybe next time. At least we did better than the first time. This week is a lock at least. Then we'll see you people in what like a month? Keep those kicking legs warm in the meantime.

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