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Wednesday, February 6, 2013


There once was a catcher named JG
All he wanted was to be a pitcher like me
We let him go to the mound and he threw and he threw
But after 4 hits and a walk, we just realized he just plain blew

So we put him on the sideline to stand with his friend Kate
Who repeatedly asked him if she could go with me on a date
(the answer is no)

Now this week will be especially easy with his replacement Jay on the hill
Because as a pitcher, he's completely average, ordinary, run of the mill
Afterward they'll be begging me to come back and play on their team
But they'll have to realize, that'll only be in Rock's wet dream

We're better than you.

P.S. Val sucks.


  1. There once was a boy named Tanker
    He was a little wanker
    He stood 4 feet
    You'll regret it if you ever have to meet

  2. There once was a gang called candy van
    Everyone is invited into their candy van
    They hand out happy pills in the candy van
    Everyone comes in the candy van