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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Tight and Bright

Last week, TnB played the Wolverines. They were whatever, the only really good thing about them was their sometimes pitcher/sometimes first baseman the Velveteen Rabbit. Luv u.

This week, you can find us on Field 4 at 7:15. We’ll be the ones raging out and drinking High Class Hookers. FYI – that’s a beverage, not Val’s job title. That Kick Cray has been a team full of whiny little bitches since we beat them in last season’s championship, and we plan to put them in their place all over again. Tom – STFU. LOL I mean hi!

The real party will be taking place before our game. If you like yourself even a little, do you a big favor and come hang out with us. We may or may not have a little surprise, and I’m leaning towards we do. It’s freaking VALENTINE’s day and WE LOVE EVERYONE!!! YAY YAY YAY! Peace and love, Tight and Bright.

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