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Who We Are

The Reps
Stephen Moursund
TX Live Rep & a true gentlemen, Stephen is the Buffalo Chicken who's in it to win it (and by "it" I mean whatever costume theme night we're having). When he's not busy terrorizing Jeff Goldblum with his team Purplesaurus Rex, Stephen enjoys relaxing with a bubble bath, a glass of wine, and the sweet vocal stylings of Sinead O'Connor.

Mike Harris
"And in the blue corner, The Tickle Fight Champion of the WOOORLD!"  Harris, as he is often referred as, is making his triumphant return to Waka!  And like the Phoenix that rose from the ashes, Harris is coming back with flair and pizazz; accepting the duties of Kickball Sherpa for all of the sexy people of TX Republic.  Wednesday nights will never be the same again.  After ghostwriting for Kanye and Jay-Z for the past year, it was time for him to do something more meaningful with his time.  Most nights you can find him on stage at Ego's, droppin' that sweet sweet baby makin' music.

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