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Wednesday, October 31, 2012


It's our favorite time of year! Children wandering the streets, knocking on the doors of strangers and asking for CANDY.

Seriously, this is how we feel about Halloween:

Oh, and there's apparently kickball this week, too. I guess that's neat.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Drun Ken Dinosaurs

Oh you wanna play, KLJ?

That's cute...


Relax and Let It Happen

Candy Van is at it again. They're proving to be the Tim Tebows of the kickball world. So much potential. So much muscle. So much passion. But, there's something missing. Muscle + Passion + Potential = Winning doesn't it?! Not for Candy Van. They continue to disappoint. In what should've been a decent game, we beat Candy Van 5-0. Beat em' like some bitches. Beat em' like they stole something from us. Beat em' like Lance Armstrong sent people to  beat up anyone who wanted to uncover how much he was doping. YEAH I SAID IT! Sorry, Tanker.

This week we play Hanna Montana and we're gonna break their achey-breaky hearts all over the field. We had a few missteps earlier in the season, but we got our swag back after vegas. So, just sit back, and Relax and Let it Happen. 

Walk of Shame

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Get Censored, Kick Away

Well as this has become a one team diary of sorts I might as well delve deep into the minutia of Get Censored’s daily lives for all the world to hear.

Amy Brunner – Amy has had a riveting week of numbers and such. Also quite possibly some CSI shit. Seriously who the hell knows what Forensic Accounting really is. Either way she has been preparing herself for this weeks kickball game with endless marathons of say yes to the dress.

Kelsey Hill – Kelsey’s week has been most sustained by infinite driving from Austin where all the cool kids hang out, and Round Rock where none of the cool kids but all of the jobs hang out. Still no word on whether she’ll be out tonight; Wine Wednesday is a hell of a thing.

Stephen Moursund – Chocolate milk and broken corgis have dominated the highlight reel of Moose-Herd’s life. Also he has been fleeing for his life in his own home after letting ruffians and general ne’er-do-wells occupy his abode on the premise that some hipster site would only send worthwhile individuals to crash his pad.

Kristie Kelly – What is that big pile of tweed jackets doing over there you ask? It is Kristie’s attempt to fit in more with her grad school collegues we assume. The elbow patches haven’t quite found the zeal that she would like them to so the eternal hunt continues. As a team we hope this hunt indeed is never finished, as once she finds her perfect tweed we can only assume she’ll start citing sources in anecdotal conversation.

Falesha Thrash – Feesh appears to be boycotting the team this week. No one really knows why, but she just flat out refuses to come to the fields. The rumor persists that it is because she kicked low on the line up last week, however I refuse to let such none sense hold court. She says she has a perfectly good reason, but from our side there is no good reason to miss kickball.

Ashley Mckemie – Mashed-ly has spent her week chasing her dog about and wondering what these magical leash things are that people keep talking about. She has been talking about some thing involving being tough and muddy. No one gets it, but it sounds Rambo-esque which is of course a plus.

Jason Casey – With flourishes of glitter here and there Jason has been tracking the wild urban unicorns of Austin since his move here. He should be in top form even though he did take a wicked fall while stumbling through a thicket on the previously mentioned quest. (…so maybe I have no idea what Jason is up to).

Alex Morris – Morris spent most of the week grunting. Determined to fix his own automobile he installed new struts and repaired plenty of other things on his sweet whip. In an effort to remove that masculine sheen, he then went on the homes tour of Austin for 12 hours. Since then he’s been playing Madden and drinking beer. No one on the team really knows how to break that down.

The other half of our team will be updated Thursday of next week. I will immediately refrain from this as soon as other teams start posting. Either that or I might start writing gmot’s from the perspective of other teams.  

Walk of Shame


It's a well-known fact that Walk of Shame has beat us in the last two regular season games we've played. We ain't mad: CV pulls through when it matters (PLAYOFFS, BABY). It's also a well-known fact that Walk of Shame beat Relax in the season opener a few weeks ago. These well-known facts don't scare us; with the 8:45 game slot, we'll just be happy if all of our teammates make it through the whole game without blacking out. 

The way Dre sees his team? The Walks are the mother frackin' Death Star, built to destroy all kickball teams that stand up against them. Candy Van is the rebel force, and we're not afraid of a fight. But there's good news for you, Dre! It's perfectly acceptable for you to say, "C'mon, Son!" because someone on our team (Joey, maybe? Really, anyone but Tom, because he's Pricess Leia) is obviously Luke Skywalker, making you our father.

It's no addition to the Dre of Shame trading card series, but it is quite possibly the nerdiest GMOT visual I've ever created.

Happy Thursday, friends!

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Get Censored, Kick Away

Guess who doesn’t have negative points in the standings anymore. That’s right THESE GUYS. I will say that not drinking 3 gallons of Censorade seems to be a good idea strategically, while maybe not the best idea make-a-giant-scene-and-yell-a-lot-ly. The line up is figuring itself out, and kicking away is still the name of the game. We would have put up a lot more if the Flash in a cowboy hat wasn’t playing right field. This week we’re playing The Bruce Is Loose. Look out Bruce because you’re heading right towards the