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Thursday, October 11, 2012


It's a well-known fact that Walk of Shame has beat us in the last two regular season games we've played. We ain't mad: CV pulls through when it matters (PLAYOFFS, BABY). It's also a well-known fact that Walk of Shame beat Relax in the season opener a few weeks ago. These well-known facts don't scare us; with the 8:45 game slot, we'll just be happy if all of our teammates make it through the whole game without blacking out. 

The way Dre sees his team? The Walks are the mother frackin' Death Star, built to destroy all kickball teams that stand up against them. Candy Van is the rebel force, and we're not afraid of a fight. But there's good news for you, Dre! It's perfectly acceptable for you to say, "C'mon, Son!" because someone on our team (Joey, maybe? Really, anyone but Tom, because he's Pricess Leia) is obviously Luke Skywalker, making you our father.

It's no addition to the Dre of Shame trading card series, but it is quite possibly the nerdiest GMOT visual I've ever created.

Happy Thursday, friends!

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