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Wednesday, December 4, 2013

TX-Waterloo: A New Champion Has Been Crowned (Given a Trophy)

Damn, now I think I may need to get crowns for next season.

Fresh Kicks of Ball Air
Are the newest champions of TX-Waterloo!

The championship game had everything a great kickball game should have:  Breathtaking catches, bang-bang plays at the plates, a come from behind rally by Back That Asset Up to tie the game at 3 each and take the game into overtime!  

It was Tiger Style versus Dragon Style

Kim vs Khloe (is that a thing?)

Definitely worth a Disney Movie remake.  Live action though,  none of that animated boulogne.  But of course with catchy songs.

Speaking of  Back That Asset Up, no they didn't win the trophy.  But they won my head-heart with this amazing picture!

You can almost hear the eagle!!!!  I don't think it's weird that I'm getting this framed.

I had a blast this season, I hope you all did too.  Thanks for making Tuesday my favorite day!

Thursday, November 21, 2013

PurpleSaurus Rex - TX Live

PurpleSaurus has many sister teams in WAKA, because we believe that any team that likes to party and doesn't become stricken with anxiety when there are 6 girls on the field and you might not have the optimal lineup to maximize potential scoring is DOING IT RIGHT. Unfortunately the league is big enough that we don't get to play everyone every season, but this Fall we've definitely found our soulmates in two other Live teams. A couple of weeks ago we played against Pitch, Please: a ROUSING match that ended in an exciting 6-5 final score. There was much dancing, there were silly hats, there was face paint, there was the traditional sharing of the punch ceremony, and we all found each other very attractive and partied at Gibson all night. A lovechild GroupMe was formed that resulted in about 50,000 messages about cookies, kittens, and dick pics over the course of the last two weeks, with gems like this:

So Pitch, Please, we love you. Especially you Roy. Huge props for getting thrown out of Gibson for pressing your naked butt cheeks against the glass door. That made my night.

This week, we face off against long time frenemies and ANOTHER sister team: Pitches be Trippin! Imitation is the most sincere form of flattery, so we were touched when they printed trucker hats to be cool like us last season right before bouncing us unceremoniously out of the playoffs. Tonight we clash in a most epic battle of custom fun rules: NO bunting, NO dudes pitching, and reverse base running for the duration of the game. Oh and were all wearing tutus and tiaras (and tights and mustaches). It's almost just too much fun to handle for a 6:45 game, so we'll be taking it to Gibson shortly after to get our Bingo on and sip some Bacardi.

Not Purple's best season in the standings, but nobody out funs us. NOBODY. Here's to getting weird tonight, I'll see you on the field!


Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Snappin Da Base - TX Republic

Guess what America?

It’s playoff week.

And for the first time in our kickball lives, Snappin’ Da Base is poised to make a real statement. We’re ready to add our name to athletic history!

We’re coming off of a win against the funnest team in the league: 50 Shades of Greatness. We might have won the game in terms of runs, but you guys won in terms of awesome.

We’ve got our confidence up to nearly unhealthy levels and we’re here to claim the championship trophy (there’s a trophy?!) for our mantel! It’s about to get real Game of Thrones on that field Saturday!

First stop: Fireballers. A little bird told us you guys are prone to handing out upsets. Consider us warned. We’re going to bring it all to the table and we’ll see whose kickball Force is stronger…!

Friday, November 15, 2013

Snappin Da Base - TX Republic

Last week was a night of mixed emotions for Snappin’ Da Base. But think about it for a few seconds and you really can’t blame us for letting our excitement go a bit crazy. Hannah Montana, Ball Me Maybe, mud, and cold? Then throw in the fact that we’ve been chopping to get back on the kickball field after weeks of rain? Yeah…

We were a bit emotional.

So we went up against Hannah Montana for our first game, ready to throw down our dominance…and that’s when our passions flew like a bird into the clear glass of reality.

Utter defeat! All it took was a couple bad innings early in the game to throw us off our undefeated throne. Luckily, we’re not a team that slips quietly into the abyss and we rallied to bring the score to a close 4-6 loss. Hannah’s been crushing teams all season, so even though we lost, it was a good loss.

We had the chance to redeem ourselves against a potential sleeper team Ball Me Maybe. It’s rough when both teams have double headers, but Ball Me Maybe played like we were their first game, not their second. So kudos to them!

Although the game came to a slightly abrupt end, I think Ball Me Maybe was a kick or two away from a comeback that could have put us on our heels.

Anyways, it was a night of feeling all the feelings. This Wednesday we face off against 50 Shades of Greatness who look to distract us with their antics of awesome and sneak in a win. Don’t let our cries of angst lull you into complacency, 50 Shades! We come to play!

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Pitches be Trippin - TX Live

Well, I believe the entire WAKA league thought Pitches Be Trippin would never win a game this season. I also believe PbT started to believe it too.

Believe it or not, our perfect record was destroyed last week because Pitches Be Trippin finally won our first game of the season!

There was a lot of happy dancing

 Not so serious picure taking... what's new?

and celebratory drinking, BINGO, and thongs!

Now I must ask the question of "How?". How did PbT win last week? The only logical factor being the weather. It was the first chilly night on the fields. So I don't want to sound superstitious, but I'm praying for colder weather. It's PbT vs. Balls Deep this Thursday.

Win or loose this Thursday, Pitches Be Trippin will be in attendance at this weeks 80's Prom End of Season Party! As usual, PbT will be there at 8:59 or earlier in full 80's prom wear ready to drink and dance.

Peace out,

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

TX-Waterloo: MAD BIG UPS!!!!!


Go out to Texas Exes and Kick in a Box from TX Waterloo. They paid $5/person, for the league charity, to dress the opposing team in an embarrassing costume. On top of that, they came up with their own rules for the game: The bases had to be run in reverse (3rd base is 1st base), no bunting and only the girls could pitch. As you can see from the photos below it was a blast!

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

PurpleSaurus Rex - TX Live

A little rain never hurt anybody? Bull honkey. Never in my tenure with WAKA have I experienced such a brutal assault on our god given right to play kickball. Playing on two nights has doubled the pain for me, to a degree that can only be expressed with a series of forlorn animated GIFs.

First they came for Week 4 with the torrential ACL flood that left the field too wet to play on Wednesday the 16th.

Then it rained again on the 17th and Live was cancelled.

That's ok, we've got a rain-out makeup week built in! I can survive one week without kickball. Then the 30th rolled around. So much rain. Another Wednesday gone.

I mean holy crap it rained Wednesday night. Like the fury of an angry kickball hating God. Checked the fields on Halloween at 3 PM and there's still standing water in pools everywhere.

And now? What is this baloney!? More rain last night? I AM NOT PLEASED.

So yeah I know we've "been in a severe drought for 3 years" and "rain like this is absolutely essential to replenish our lakes and reservoirs" and "without it our agricultural industry would surely perish". But won't someone think of the other other side of the coin? With all this rain, what are the art hippies going to make dramatic art installations in the Lake next to the pedestrian bridge about? How are the boomers out in the suburbs going to complain about their water bills if they don't have to water their lawns anymore? HOW ARE WE SUPPOSED TO PLAY KICKBALL!?

My little iPhone app tells me it's going to clear up by 2 PM today and stay clear, and I'm going to choose to believe that and be hopeful.

Eat my butt rain.

Stephen & PurpleSaurus

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Pitches be Trippin - TX Live

RAIN?!?! What are this? It may have caused us to cancel games again, but a little moistness isn't gonna stop the Pitches from partying!

Bingo and photo booths at Gibson? We're there!

Halloween parties two weeks early? Party Pants on!

Mid-week pumpkin carving festivities? We BYOP! Wait, Josh is that a pineapple?

And of course we're going hard on Halloween night! Although a kickball-less Thursday, an amazing night. Kinda wished I could have seen some people try to play in their costumes though... the restrictive clothing has a tendency to come of mid-play ;)

And of course we give people a mixture of a confused and slightly insulted response when they question us if having a costume on after Halloween is appropriate. Yes, we party in costume as often as possible. Especially during Day Light Savings night... that extra hour was not wasted sleeping ;)

What are the Pitches good for? A damn good time. We're always ready to go, with a lot of laughs, drink in hand, and ready to dance!

I love my Pitches :)

-Cap'n Kim

TX Live Mid-Season Survey Responses

We’re halfway through the season, and I want to thank everyone for helping to make it one of the best Fall seasons ever. ESPECIALLY thank all of you who took the time to fill out our mid-season survey and make the league better! WAKA appreciates everything about you guys, and I wanted to take the time to comment on some of the issues that were raised in the survey responses. Please keep bringing your concerns to me by email or through the survey each season, I'm truly dedicated to making WAKA Kickball the best part of your week. I can't wait to get back on the field with you guys, so lets hope the rain holds off!


Drink specials aren't very special. Love the bar.

$4 isn’t a super deep cut on Bacardi prices, but it is for ALL Bacardi products which means there’s a huge range of drinks you can get. If you’re just looking for the cheapest drink possible, the $2 Lone Star and Pearl cans are definitely the way to go! We’ll be going with either Jameson or Dripping Springs as our liquor special next season, and you’ll get to sample a WHOLE LOT of what they’re offering at the end of season party!

The bar chosen for this years league bar has trivia night on Thursday nights as well. I feel this should've been more thoroughly researched and vetted out before they decided to make this the league bar. The service is slow, the place is always packed, and the parking is atrocious. We went the first week and have yet to go back because of this issue.

Having free bingo complete with prizes every week from 8-10 on Thursdays was actually a really big mark in the plus column for me when we were looking at new sponsors for the fall season and discussing what they have to offer our group. Many players have expressed how much they love winning free swag all the time! Having a big crowd is exactly what we’re going for, but be sure to check out the balconies and patios in the side or back and the tables out front if you’re looking for more room! As far as parking goes, you can refer to the diagram on the league website to see where all the parking is available around Gibson Bar outside of their back lot. I’ve spoken to the manager about staffing up for our group and they’ve responded well since the first week, I think they just didn’t believe me when I told them how much fun we are!

Flip cup at the bar or more bar games.

We do have Bingo from 8-10 PM on league nights, but Gibson (like most bars, unfortunately) does not permit flip cup. If flip cup is an absolute must, our Tuesday night league’s sponsor bar does permit it if you bring in your own table and cups, and it’s a whole new group of awesome WAKA people to meet (although I’m pretty partial to Thursday myself). I've also obtained Giant Jenga and washer pits to bring to the bar, I'm just confirming with the manager that they're comfortable with us bringing them in!


Gillis park is too small. Practically at the opposing teams second base while in outfield. Some plays I have missed because I had to make sure I wouldn't collide with a team player on a "different" field. Throws off ma mojo!

Ah the ancient art of finding the middle ground with field sizes. We definitely overlap the outfields a fair amount on the fields when you’re backing up to protect against deep flies, but it’s an opportunity to flirt with cute players on the other team! One of my favorite people in Austin I met at Gillis park 3 years ago when we were playing center field on opposite games. She was dressed as a Dallas Cowboys cheerleader, I was in a loin cloth, the rest is history (by which I mean she’s engaged to someone else)! As a social league, I believe that having some overlap in the fields is much more desirable than having spread out fields where you don’t interact with other teams much at all. Go meet those folks you’re in the outfield with!

Would like to better understand how the fields are numbered. It might be easier to just refer to them using cardinal directions.

The fields are numbered in clockwise order starting with the backstop as field #1, you can refer to the diagram on the league website anytime you’re not sure. To clear up any confusion, I’ve also added cardinal directions to the description of each field in the schedule tool, thanks for the idea!


WAKA is too expensive, there are other leagues that are cheaper!

WAKA is never going to be the discount product or organization that cuts corners and makes sacrifices to end up with a price tag lower than its competitors, and we’re proud of that. We have the best kickball experience you can get in Austin or anywhere else, and our social-first philosophy has grown an incredible community of people that make for the best parties, bar crawls, and other events that you’ll go to all year long. Next time you’re out at the fields, or at the huge 80s Prom End of Season Party, or sending each other links to the Power Rankings and a funny GMOT post during a slow hour at work, or running around in a Santa suit with your best friends at WAKA Wonderland raising hell downtown and raising money for underprivileged youths in our city, take a moment to look around and appreciate how awesome what we do is and how fantastic this community is. That’s what you’re paying for.

The games need to be referred by non-players to ensure objective nonbiased calls

I strongly believe we have the best officiated games of any kickball product you can get your hands on outside of high-dollar Circuit tournaments for extremely competitive players, for a number of reasons. Non-players are also going to be for the most part non-kickballers, as there is absolutely no such thing as a professional kickball referee. Outside refs can’t be relied upon to consistently understand the unique rule set that WAKA plays by, as we literally wrote the book on it and there are a number of variations between organizations, and our most knowledgeable resources are our players themselves. Most importantly, our refs are all personally invested in the success and well-being of the league because they are themselves a part of the community! Every ref out there is doing his best to make each call as they saw it, and nobody is out there trying to stick it to someone. Our refs are volunteers that care enough about our community and the quality of your experience to forego heading to the bar with their team to stay back and help make sure everyone else is having a good time as well. We’re ALWAYS looking for more refs that want to learn the more intricate ins and outs of calling a game, and if you’d like to get involved please get in touch with me at stephen@kickball.com!

I apologize for the poor responses, as the season has progressed, I've just realized that this isn't really my cup of tea.

That’s ok, I still love you. If kickball isn’t your thing we still have lots of events that you can get involved with like the East Coast WAKA Cruise, WAKA Wonderland Santa Pub Crawl, and the WAKA Wine Down Hill Country Wine Tour! I’m in the process of proposing a bicycle food truck tour as well, so keep your eyes peeled for announcements on Facebook and league emails!

I absolutely love the no bye weeks. Keep it up.

It’s going to be our objective from now on to only have bye weeks for major holidays where a large percentage of our players will likely have conflicting plans such as SXSW or July 4th.

Too many outfielders! Also, other leagues I have played in were on softball fields which made the games more enjoyable and organized.

11 players on the field can seem like a lot when you’re not used to it, but WAKA is a social league and we want as many people to play as much as possible. One more person sitting out every inning? No thank you! Similarly, playing on softball fields stretches out the league so much that you only ever really see the folks on your team and the team you’re playing against, limiting the social opportunities at the games. That being said, we ARE looking into having our future tournaments on well groomed softball fields since hey, it’s the playoffs after all.

That's it for now, keep filling out those surveys! I had 22/324 people respond to the midseason which is only a 6.7% response rate, so I know there are more of you out there that have something to say! Do you like what we're doing and want to make sure that a good thing doesn't get shaken up like the bar or the fields or the schedule? Fill out the End of Season Survey and let us know! The squeaky wheel gets greased. Love you all!


Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Snappin Da Base - TX Republic

Last week we had the chance to square up against E=MC Hammer. A team of fellow education software nerds after our own hearts. It was a bit like going up against our brothers…or cousins…or whatever…the point is, it made the game great.

There were times when we were on our game…

And times when we were…not so much…

But regardless of the final score, E=MC Hammer brought their A-game (and some pretty awesome kicks) to the field last week, and they pretty much kept us on our toes the entire time.  In some cases, literally.

We’ve got a double-header next week! Ball Me Maybe is going to be coming at us with everything they’ve got and more, and Hanna Montana, the only other undefeated team in the league, will be looking to take the #1 spot crown.

To both teams, we say……game on!

Win or lose, it’s going to be epic.