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Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Pitches be Trippin - TX Live

RAIN?!?! What are this? It may have caused us to cancel games again, but a little moistness isn't gonna stop the Pitches from partying!

Bingo and photo booths at Gibson? We're there!

Halloween parties two weeks early? Party Pants on!

Mid-week pumpkin carving festivities? We BYOP! Wait, Josh is that a pineapple?

And of course we're going hard on Halloween night! Although a kickball-less Thursday, an amazing night. Kinda wished I could have seen some people try to play in their costumes though... the restrictive clothing has a tendency to come of mid-play ;)

And of course we give people a mixture of a confused and slightly insulted response when they question us if having a costume on after Halloween is appropriate. Yes, we party in costume as often as possible. Especially during Day Light Savings night... that extra hour was not wasted sleeping ;)

What are the Pitches good for? A damn good time. We're always ready to go, with a lot of laughs, drink in hand, and ready to dance!

I love my Pitches :)

-Cap'n Kim

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