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Wednesday, November 6, 2013

PurpleSaurus Rex - TX Live

A little rain never hurt anybody? Bull honkey. Never in my tenure with WAKA have I experienced such a brutal assault on our god given right to play kickball. Playing on two nights has doubled the pain for me, to a degree that can only be expressed with a series of forlorn animated GIFs.

First they came for Week 4 with the torrential ACL flood that left the field too wet to play on Wednesday the 16th.

Then it rained again on the 17th and Live was cancelled.

That's ok, we've got a rain-out makeup week built in! I can survive one week without kickball. Then the 30th rolled around. So much rain. Another Wednesday gone.

I mean holy crap it rained Wednesday night. Like the fury of an angry kickball hating God. Checked the fields on Halloween at 3 PM and there's still standing water in pools everywhere.

And now? What is this baloney!? More rain last night? I AM NOT PLEASED.

So yeah I know we've "been in a severe drought for 3 years" and "rain like this is absolutely essential to replenish our lakes and reservoirs" and "without it our agricultural industry would surely perish". But won't someone think of the other other side of the coin? With all this rain, what are the art hippies going to make dramatic art installations in the Lake next to the pedestrian bridge about? How are the boomers out in the suburbs going to complain about their water bills if they don't have to water their lawns anymore? HOW ARE WE SUPPOSED TO PLAY KICKBALL!?

My little iPhone app tells me it's going to clear up by 2 PM today and stay clear, and I'm going to choose to believe that and be hopeful.

Eat my butt rain.

Stephen & PurpleSaurus

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