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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Walk of Shame Celebrates Early

Kerry from Walk of Shame shows off his victory dance. Too soon? We will find out!

Playoff Picks

Where My Pitches At?

Minus a few people, most of the “pitches” made it to the final game and on time as well..  We were down one key player though, our “ACE” pitcher decided that he hadn’t been to the doctor in awhile, so he decided it was appropriate to break his hand..As we stretched and practiced a little, we looked at our opponents, thinking, “Oh this should be easy!”  The game started out awesome, we were up 3-1, catching pop fly’s and tagging people left and right.  Then it happened, in one inning, we let 3 runs score. That’s what started the downward spiral for us and the next thing you know; it’s a 4-6 loss.  It’s ok though; we had fun playing and now know where we have some weak spots to work on for next season.  We did have some good plays though, some clutch catches in the outfield and great pitching from our fearless leader!   All in all, I would say that this has been a pretty good season for first timers “Where My Pitches At?”  (Flip-cup champions) Don’t believe us; ask the team captain Morgan on “Hannah Montana”, he’ll let you know what’s up…

RELAX and Let it Happen

Let's jump right in. The Teabaggers are the "fall back" chick. She looks good. She laughs at all of your jokes. She's smart. She's crazy because all girls are a little crazy, but she's not bat shit crazy. She throws down in the kitchen. Ass is nice and perky. She is just deeply deeply in love with you. BUT, you know there's better out there. You've kind of gotten bored with her, but at least she doesn't annoy you and she's athletic, so if ya'll go half on a baby, at least the kid can follow in your footsteps. She's an 8, but as a good looking man with a good job and a bunch of personality, there are a lot of 10's out there who need your loving, and who are you to deny them that? So while you're out slaying honey dips, the fall back chick (Teabaggers) stays at home waiting. She probably knows about what you're doing, but she doesn't care, because she's that head over heels for you. In rare cases she'll be your wingwoman because as she puts it, "she just wants to see you happy." 

The game was fun. It was full of hustle, passion, and questionable calls like a big game should be. The first base ump, who Jay and Joey called "headband" because they were so angry they didn't have time to say "first base ump", was right in the thick of things all night. He might've had some bad calls, but he came up to us right after the game and told us good game. I was immediately like, "THAT man has some balls." So kudos to you Mr. Headband. 

We've never lost a regular season championship but that's not what we're here for. Playoffs are around the corner and we're out for blood. We'll probably meet the Teabaggers again in what would be a nice rubber match, but let's get real, there's no way they stand a chance with a full roster. We're gonna eat some bad mexican food so that when we shit on your dreams, it's extra runny and extra stanky. Don't fight it or it'll get in your mouth. Just Relax and Let it Happen. 

Thursday, April 21, 2011


Hey GMOT lovers!! As you can see I've turned the gmot into a blog format. We figured it would be more fun for people to be able to comment and this way if there are errors or late entries, we can just update it on the spot.

For the recurring columns, you will see there are tabs at the top of the page (Pres Picks, Power Polls, etc) click on each one to read those. On the left side of the page are links to our social media pages as well as important dates and news. The right side of the page will be team submissions.

We're hoping that with the easier format, people will submit more!! You guys have been slacking!! You can still send in pictures and even full page decorated submissions if you want. I just need them saved as a PNG file.

If you have any questions, feel free to comment here and I will get back to you.


Wednesday, April 20, 2011

RELAX and Let it Happen

Well our normal funny man took the week off and decided not to write anything so I figured I'd go ahead, hype up our game this week and stir the pot. This week we play the 6-1 Teabaggers. The Teabaggers are the defending champs (I can hardly say that with a straight face) and the first champion in what seems like a decade not named Relax. They won a close game in last season's playoffs and they played great. I encourage all of TX Capital and even you Live'ers who'd like to see a good quality game of kickball to come watch this game @ 8pm on FLD1. 

The Teabaggers have already accepted their invite to go to Vegas and while we are very happy they are going we're also jealous they got an invite first. It's time to prove to all the WAKA nation out there that Relax is still king in Austin because it is apparent that has been forgotten by everyone but us. We're like the Lakers or the Yankees, as soon as we actually lose everyone just goes off on how it was bound to happen and we've lost our touch. Where we differ from the Yankees or Lakers is in the fact that we are actually way better than both of them. Don't get me wrong the Teabaggers are a quality team, they have a very good pitcher, very good girls, and a 3B/C combo that is extremely fast, ours is just better. They were walking with a champions swagger until the defending LIVE champs the Walks took them down a peg or two, ever since then I haven't really heard much from their corner. 

Sure they beat a version of us last season, they played well and beat the team we put on the field and we haven't forgotten that. We haven't forgotten that Justin accused Dave our fastest guy of faking an injury (get serious), we haven't forgotten the world series celebration you put on after your victory but hey I don't blame you it was a game that you weren't supposed to win. And that's the difference, we aren't surprised when we beat you, it's normal, and after we do this week, there will be no jumping up and down, carrying anyone off the field, we'll just shake hands, tell you good game and continue to get black out drunk. 

You beat the Lakers w/o Kobe and Gasol, congrats, it's impressive because everyone on our team is good, but to me it's still *2010 TX Capital Fall Champs, just sayin.... Those reading this are probably saying "excuses, excuses..." I'll stop you there, they are the defending champs, and they won fair and square, but we are and will always be the best team in this league and now we'll prove it to you for like an 8th or 9th time, I don't know I've lost count....
*Not good enough to beat a full Relax squad

Where My Pitches At?

A little pregame party with Hannah Montana led to them being defeated in Flip Cup by the undefeated “Pitches”.  That’s right, we might not be in the best of rankings for kickball but we are “da bomb” at flip cup!  We welcome all challengers…  

Man, what a fun game last week was!  We pitches, went into the game thinking, “we know this is going to be a difficult game, but let’s all have fun!”  Starting out, Hannah had the lead for the first 3 innings; however, we were close behind.  It wasn’t until the 5th when we were down by just 1 run.  Then out of nowhere, we were tied, that’s right, tied with Hannah Montana’s XXX tape!!And lets not forget about Jen celebrating after making a great play at 2nd, and Morgan forgetting how to run the base line.   As Morgan begged the ump for another inning, the game was over and we just laughed and continued jamming to the music of not one, but two cooler stereos we had on the field.  That’s right, both teams had the jams going and we were partying it up. 


So last week we had a battle with our good buddy Barrett and his squad. We’ve always had a rivalry with them, as they were our first ever opponent in WAKA.  Every game has been decided by one or a tie, or the lights going out.
We play the happy hour game at 6:15. Let’s hope we can at least beat the traffic to Gillis Park. Although the season has been very disappointing, and you could even call us Lonestar Light/Lonestar Lime/Lonestar 64/Lonestar (add your favorite flavor of jolly rancher), etc;  and I won’t get mad, the past two times out on the field since we started drinking at the fields have been TONS of fun. We’ll finish the season strong and do some heavy recruiting over the summer and be back in the Fall. We may change our name to Lonestar Ice next fall.
Now we could go back to the Bastrop League aka ASSC…..but we’ll do steroids to win before we do something drastic like that. We’ll also be tailgating during the 8pm rematch of last year’s championship. Should be a great Thursday Night Lights!

Love, the Drunkstars/Lonestars