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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Where My Pitches At?

A little pregame party with Hannah Montana led to them being defeated in Flip Cup by the undefeated “Pitches”.  That’s right, we might not be in the best of rankings for kickball but we are “da bomb” at flip cup!  We welcome all challengers…  

Man, what a fun game last week was!  We pitches, went into the game thinking, “we know this is going to be a difficult game, but let’s all have fun!”  Starting out, Hannah had the lead for the first 3 innings; however, we were close behind.  It wasn’t until the 5th when we were down by just 1 run.  Then out of nowhere, we were tied, that’s right, tied with Hannah Montana’s XXX tape!!And lets not forget about Jen celebrating after making a great play at 2nd, and Morgan forgetting how to run the base line.   As Morgan begged the ump for another inning, the game was over and we just laughed and continued jamming to the music of not one, but two cooler stereos we had on the field.  That’s right, both teams had the jams going and we were partying it up. 

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