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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Where My Pitches At?

Minus a few people, most of the “pitches” made it to the final game and on time as well..  We were down one key player though, our “ACE” pitcher decided that he hadn’t been to the doctor in awhile, so he decided it was appropriate to break his hand..As we stretched and practiced a little, we looked at our opponents, thinking, “Oh this should be easy!”  The game started out awesome, we were up 3-1, catching pop fly’s and tagging people left and right.  Then it happened, in one inning, we let 3 runs score. That’s what started the downward spiral for us and the next thing you know; it’s a 4-6 loss.  It’s ok though; we had fun playing and now know where we have some weak spots to work on for next season.  We did have some good plays though, some clutch catches in the outfield and great pitching from our fearless leader!   All in all, I would say that this has been a pretty good season for first timers “Where My Pitches At?”  (Flip-cup champions) Don’t believe us; ask the team captain Morgan on “Hannah Montana”, he’ll let you know what’s up…

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