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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

RELAX and Let it Happen

Well our normal funny man took the week off and decided not to write anything so I figured I'd go ahead, hype up our game this week and stir the pot. This week we play the 6-1 Teabaggers. The Teabaggers are the defending champs (I can hardly say that with a straight face) and the first champion in what seems like a decade not named Relax. They won a close game in last season's playoffs and they played great. I encourage all of TX Capital and even you Live'ers who'd like to see a good quality game of kickball to come watch this game @ 8pm on FLD1. 

The Teabaggers have already accepted their invite to go to Vegas and while we are very happy they are going we're also jealous they got an invite first. It's time to prove to all the WAKA nation out there that Relax is still king in Austin because it is apparent that has been forgotten by everyone but us. We're like the Lakers or the Yankees, as soon as we actually lose everyone just goes off on how it was bound to happen and we've lost our touch. Where we differ from the Yankees or Lakers is in the fact that we are actually way better than both of them. Don't get me wrong the Teabaggers are a quality team, they have a very good pitcher, very good girls, and a 3B/C combo that is extremely fast, ours is just better. They were walking with a champions swagger until the defending LIVE champs the Walks took them down a peg or two, ever since then I haven't really heard much from their corner. 

Sure they beat a version of us last season, they played well and beat the team we put on the field and we haven't forgotten that. We haven't forgotten that Justin accused Dave our fastest guy of faking an injury (get serious), we haven't forgotten the world series celebration you put on after your victory but hey I don't blame you it was a game that you weren't supposed to win. And that's the difference, we aren't surprised when we beat you, it's normal, and after we do this week, there will be no jumping up and down, carrying anyone off the field, we'll just shake hands, tell you good game and continue to get black out drunk. 

You beat the Lakers w/o Kobe and Gasol, congrats, it's impressive because everyone on our team is good, but to me it's still *2010 TX Capital Fall Champs, just sayin.... Those reading this are probably saying "excuses, excuses..." I'll stop you there, they are the defending champs, and they won fair and square, but we are and will always be the best team in this league and now we'll prove it to you for like an 8th or 9th time, I don't know I've lost count....
*Not good enough to beat a full Relax squad


  1. Where are all the little kiddies?

  2. It is going to be painful holding in all this pee until around 8:45 tonight when I ultimately fire hose all of the teabaggers. I will be drinking asparagus infused guiness up until the game. Bring your rain coats teabaggers...

  3. Thanks for all the backhanded compliments. You are truly the Matt Lienert of WAKA kickball....

  4. Are you guys like speidi? The dual account thing is great. And I have waaaaay more talent than Matt Leinart, maybe Leinart at USC would be a nice reference. Lienart couldn't play for the yankees or lakers and as I mentioned earlier we're better than both.

  5. Walk of Shame will be over to watch with an undisclosed rooting interest...