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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Relax and Let It Happen

This GMOT will be a tribute to one of our favorite members of the Relax Dynasty – Shannon Davis. A LOT has gone down for Ole Shan in the 2013 calendar year, and it’s about damn time we celebrated her majesty.

A few months ago, Shan graduated from Grad School where she was studying Physical Therapy. She looked like a wizard and solidified her title as “Way Smarter than Anyone else on Relax.” Go Shan!

Immediately following, she got engaged to Jay. While you may be thinking, WHAT? WHY? Let me assure you – though spending the rest of your life with the tyrant that is Jay Russell might not be the right choice for you, it is indeed the right choice for her. They are soul mates, it is beautiful, yeah yeah yeah, Go Shan!

Just today, Shan passed her ginormous test that makes her an official Physical Therapist, yet again reiterating that she is WAY smarter than any of us. Allow us to introduce our very own - Dr. Shannon Davis, PT, DPT. Go Shan!

Sprinkled in between, all year long, a lot of this happened. Sorry bout that, girl. But alas – Go Shan!

To the members of this league – don’t be an asshole! Come by this week to say hi and congratulate this girl. Smooches y’all!

PurpleSaurus Rex!

We opened up our game against Run Home Jack like we were full blown all star sluggers, nothing could go wrong! I think we scored 6 runs in the first inning and then went full PurpleSaurus with the punch and stopped keeping track. We were winning, everyone seemed to be having fun, wooooo! Bottom of the 5th (4th?) rolls around and its last kicks, and all of a sudden Jack puts up 5 scores. We look at the scoreboard at its 7-7. OH NO! IT HAPPENED AGAIN! WE SPURS'D IT!

Luckily it turned out that Edgar hadn't been diligent about updating the scoreboard and it was actually 8-7, game over, we win. AND THE DINOS GO WILD! That shit was cray, but we'll take it because oh look! Somehow we're #8 in the Live conference with a .400 win percentage!

I love theme weeks, and my team came through big for me with some sweet get ups!

PurpleSaurus was shutting the bar down (as usual) before someone finally noticed that I was wearing mistletoe. I attribute this to being distracted by how attractive all my teammates are though, so I don't blame them. Spontaneous Purple Brunch erupted on Rainey the following Sunday, and we discovered a delightful cocktail at Bangers. Behold: the MANMOSA!

This week shit is about to get uncomfortably real for everyone still at the fields at 8:45 when PurpleSaurus Rex and Tight & Bright collide in a veritable drunk off. You notice how there are always two teams who have giant jugs of jungle juice at games? Yeah those are our two teams. Shenanigans are being planned, and PurpleSaurus knows full well that our only hope of victory is to impair their physical functions to such a degree that the vast disparity in skill between the teams becomes meaningless. Fortunately, we expect T&Bs full cooperation in this endeavor.


Guys. I don't want to make this about me, but I'm going to anyway (jokes, I wanted to make it about me). It's been 4 years since I stepped foot on the luscious greens of Gillis Park to join my first ever TX Live team, 40 Bounces to Freedom. Through an interesting series of events, I ended up forming the weirdest team with the weirdest person I know, the one and only Tom Hallock.

Why this trip down memory lane? Well, it's my last season with WAKA. I'm not telling you this to feel sorry for me; I'm telling you this for only one reason. Consider this your warning, league: I'm going down in a blaze of glory and I'm taking you all with me. And I mean that in the drunkest way possible.

If I hate every Friday for the rest of the season, so will you. When I go to the dark corners of a weekly brown out, you'll be by my side. When I go to Ego's to sing Blaze of Glory by Bon Jovi, you'll be there singing along proudly. When I dive into the Spotify search for other songs called Blaze of Glory, you will all suffer with me (thanks, dude from Black Flag).

Maybe we've only won two games this season. Maybe our Fireball consumption has been a higher priority for us than actually winning games. Maybe the loss of Foxy took a serious emotional, physical, and metaphysical toll on our game. Maybe you bite me.

Take heed, league mates: I am Valerie of Candy Van and I am burdened with glorious purpose! And that purpose is to push all of you to black out with me for the rest of the season.

Consider this my official theme song for the rest of the season/my life in general:

V.A.G. of C.V.

Pitches Be Trippin

We lost….again….but we did give the Red Rockets a scare in the first inning despite missing our star lanky tall pitcher. By the end of the game we didn’t want to hear that damn Red Rocket cheer again.

So once again we were forced to the bar to drink enough to forget that we lost

We still have a lot to work on this season including the basics kicking, catching, and taking pitches

We didn’t let the loss stop us from going tubing this weekend to get us pumped up for this week’s game!

DunderSaurus Rex

DunderSaurus Rolls
We rolled over ‘Peanut Butter & Leo’ last week 8-1 with an offensive explosion rarely seen from Dunder.  Seriously, we almost never throw up 8 runs on someone.  And in case you’re thinking it:  everyone tested negative for PEDs after the game during the mandated WAKA post-game drug testing.
This week, we were going against ‘One Kick Wonders’.  This is one of those teams that for one reason or another, we’ve never played them.  The game should be close since I believe we match up fairly well.  It’ll be a game of who doesn’t make mistakes (or at least makes the fewest).  They’ll be well captained by Scott and he’ll tell us that all his people are new and not very good – but I won’t believe him and his sandbagging ways.
Eric “Mad Dog” Harron -- One of three attorneys on the Dunder roster.  If you don’t know what area of law he concentrates on, let’s just say that WAKA players send him quite a bit of business.  And … if you’re really still curious, take a look at the back of your league shirt under the G&S bar logo.  See that thing about a law office … that’s him.
Eric has been in the league as long as anyone – another player from one of the original LIVE teams who eventually found his way to Dunder.  With Eric, Wendell and Lisa on Dunder now – I can think of only one person in the entire league who has played as long as our core players.
Side note:  Congratulation Carrie Gilson … you are the only person who has played as long as we have – when are you joining us?  Your sister played for us for a couple seasons – she had a blast.  Think about it.
Always, Eric is always reliable to get on base or move the base runner over as needed.  He might not be the fastest guy out there but he’ll run the bases like a stallion in open space if you give him a chance. And, he always hits the bar after the games – a very strong quality indeed.
Stephanie “I’m from Miami” Geraci -- Sometimes fortune smiles upon you. This was the case when Stephanie joined Dunder. After a string of injuries and a couple people taking a season off Dunder was uncharacteristically short a roster spot. Having recently moved from Miami to Austin Stephanie was looking to join a team. It was the first time in recent memory that Dunder had picked someone up that didn't know someone else on the team.
Stephanie immediately proved to be an asset to Dunder.  Having been on a successful competitive team in Miami Stephanie made a smooth transition into Dunder's core.  Her competitiveness is rivaled by few. Her ability to come through in the clutch surpasses all but a handful of others. Her low tolerance for bullshit and willingness to call you on it makes her feared by many.  She’s not crazy, she’s “passionate”.  Stephanie has been a great teammate on and off the field and her addition to the team has proven that the Gods must favor Dunder. 

Thursday, July 25, 2013

PurpleSaurus Rex

My assessment of how PurpleSaurus vs Suck My Kick was going to go down was SPOT ON last week, as they racked up 10 runs to our none on systematic and effective kicking and baserunning coupled with solid defensive play, all while completely failing to figure out what the f**k we were smiling about on the sidelines. I think my favorite moment of the game was when newbie Ivan bunted (he's new, doesn't know how things work around here) and was roundly booed by the rest of the team, and SMK's pitcher just couldn't wrap his head around it. "Why are you boing!? He's one of only 3 people to get on base the whole game!" As usual, PurpleSaurus dominated two important statistics: highest kick (I kicked it SO HIGH that time!) and physical attractiveness.

The early start turned into a full on Purple mess as our 6:30 game ended and we focused in on the next goal: finishing the punch. After seeing the aftermath I can't say that I recommend playing flip cup with highly potent Kool Aid, but I can't say I regret a moment of it. Purple was everywhere in the bar, Fireball and tequila were flowing, bad decisions were made, and as usual very little photo evidence exists of the shenanigans.

This week, we celebrate the dawn of a new age: the late game! Our first four games were all in the 6:30 or 7:15 slot, which means for the remainder of the season we're playing nothing but 8:00 and 8:45 games! This means elusive creatures like Sandy Panties and Erica "Going to Bite You" Diaz may actually make it for the first pitch. There have been whispers of a man shrouded in mystery, wrapped in enigma, going by the unassuming moniker of Franklin Pan. The last confirmed Franklin sighting was in  May of 2012, but rumors are circulating that a Gillis appearance could be imminent.

We're playing one of this season's brand new teams this week, albiet one of the good ones, and it's time to find out if this team is capable of actually winning a game. My predicition? MAYBE. Field #2 at 8 PM if you want some punch, our cooler is always open.

Wednesday, July 24, 2013


Guys. This past week of kickball was quite possibly the weirdest thing ever. We started getting amped when we leaked this photo to the press:

We really ARE ruggedly handsome!

I mean, it doesn't even seem fair to look that good on a Thursday night. But we did just that: look good. Even though quite a few of us work in North Austin at nerdy companies, we still managed to all be on time for this 6:30 p.m. black out. You know who didn't? Hannah Montana. It was the saddest day of my life. NO HYPERBOLE, GUYS. I won the title of Best Iowan by default because none of the Iowans on Hannah even showed up.

So, this happened:

You guys jelly that Tom & I text with Miley?

We tried not to let it get us down and we played a joke game against the depleted Hannah Montana squad. We were joking around, being idiots, and trying to make the best out of a crappy situation. Then, we got accused of wasting HM's time (hi Pot, it's Kettle!), so we stopped playing. I mean, someone got the urge to punch Hutch, the biggest people pleaser in the greater Austin area.

Even B. Coop is surprised that someone wanted to fight Hutch.

That individual needs to seriously reevaluate how seriously they take the kickball game they forfeited.

Now, last Thursday was not a complete waste of time for the Candy Van squad. Hutch got so drunk on Fireball that he was benched for the Relax game. Tom got so drunk on Fireball that this picture happened:

Confessions of an Alcoholic Mind

When I asked him why he decided to tag me on Facebook, he didn't have an answer because he didn't remember taking the picture. I'm so proud of my brother.

Anyway, we play Relax this week. Thankfully for us, not even Relax can out-douche last week's kickball happenings. Sadly, I won't be there to bask in the glory of how drunk we get, but in my absence, please insert this image of me looking like a dude in a 90s coming of age comedy into your memory forever:

You're welcome/I'm sorry.



Pitches Be Trippin'

We got our first win!!!! Even the beloved  Capit├ín Kimberly scored a run……so despite our below .500 win percentage things are looking up.

 We spend the most off-the field time together than any other team in the league.  So what did the pitches do together this week?

 We partied together

We BBQ'd together

And ate meat

And more meat

And more meat

And more meat

And we found this guy

DunderSaurus Rex

Congratulations to the Red Rockets – “they are who we thought they were”.

Dunder gave the Rockets their best shot jumping out to a 3-0 lead at one point before eventually failing to them 6-4.  I don’t know if we surprised them or what but I like to believe we at least scared them a little bit.  The Rockets are a top LIVE team and I think Dunder earned some respect with this game – that’s right, I’m calling it a ‘moral victory’.

Even better, it was a fun game with lots of back and forth, great plays from both teams.  Though on a personal note, I do wish that dude playing LCF hadn’t been fast enough to get the line drive I sent to RCF – he made a shoe-string catch.  That would have been a stand up triple – oh well.
Special thanks to Jamie and Carrie for helping us out – I’ve submitted your applications to join the official ‘Dunder Fan Club’.
This week, we get ‘Peanut Butter and Leo’ – they’ll have to explain the name, I don’t get it.  Our fearless leader Ben is out this week on a camping expedition to New Mexico but being a veteran team, I’m sure we’ll be okay.
David “Mean Machine” Mendoza - An original member of Dunder, Mendoza may miss a few games each season, but that’s usually because he’s in another country for “work.”  “Sorry I missed the game last week. I was in Amsterdam for work.” Sure, thanks, rub it in, buddy. There’s a good chance Mendoza resides primarily in Rio de Janeiro and commutes to Austin to play kickball. All of this just proves how awesome he is and how awesome Dunder is. Dude has gone everywhere, could be anywhere, and still makes it back to Gillis on Thursdays to play some kickball with the team.  If you see a well-coiffed, handsome man rocking khaki shorts while patrolling the Dunder outfield this season, be sure to ask him where he was last week and see if he’s got a place for you to stay for World Cup 2014. But don’t sleep on the male Carmen San Diego during the game or you’ll end up on the wrong side of a David Mendoza Vengeance Put Out. Mendoza strongly abhors force outs and prefers the cathartic release provided by unnecessarily and recklessly whipping the ball at runners from close range. Be warned!

Nessrit "Ball Buster" Ali – Nes, as she's affectionately known to Dunder, is one of Dunder's best additions over the last few seasons. She's dependable, consistent, a shit ton of fun, and loves Jameson; all qualities Dunder looks for in its players. Her take no prisoners attitude is evident both on and off the field as she holds down third base or burns your perennial all-star left fielder with a kick over his head while on the field or off the field when she mercilessly calls out people at the bar for their inability to keep pace with her shots of Jameson or for their on field douchebaggery.  Nes is almost always down to beat you in flip cup, out drink your team's go to 'anchor', and then tell you why even though you keep winning games the rest of the league thinks your team is just a big bag of tools. She does all of this while keeping an innocent, demure appearance and being one of Dunder's best kept secrets.  Here's a picture of her with her BFF JDL -- who is currently on our inactive roster due to some medical condition.

Relax and Let It Happen

Big thanks to the Teabaggers for putting Justin at pitcher for the final inning of our game last week. Looked like we might go down for a minute there, but Ole Justin delivered, laying up some terribly slow dime pieces that we handled with grace and ease. Another Thursday, another victory. Story of our lives.

Also FYI you should apologize if you slam into a girl and knock her over. You need advice on politeness coming from the douchiest team in the league?  That's pretty sad, bro. Nonetheless, we're happy to report that Alex was released from the ICU late last night and is in good spirits.

This week we play Candy Van AGAIN. You know how this GMOT should go so I’ll spare you the repeat. We are Drake and CV is our video ho. We love to watch you do your sexy/weird thang, and on Thursday nights you let us treat you bad and have our way with you. This blessed union should and will never end. Smooches y’all.

Thursday, July 18, 2013

PurpleSaurus Rex!

Once again, PurpleSaurus is faced with their most unspeakable foe: the 6:30 start time. The last time this happened we had a team to field, but certainly not all 22 of our glorious teammates were on hand, leading those of us on the field to ball our two fingers into a taloned fist and share our tiny tiny arms at the heavens, cursing our lot in life. Today? We shall not be stymied by scheduling, we will not go quietly into the night, we will not vanish without a fight, WE'RE GOING TO LIVE ON! WE'RE GOING TO SURVIVE!

Bill Pullman is the tits. Quick aside, look at these corgis riding a PurpleSaurus Rex. I can't even handle this shit it's so awesome.

There's never been a picture more Stephen.

Anyway, we tied our ...Saurus Rex brothers last week by effectively managing our 'kick away always' strategy right into center fielder Matt Saal's hands on roughly 2/3 of our at-bats. Ain't no thang, and I would like to point out that for the purposes of win percentage two ties DOES INDEED count as a win, meaning we are NO LONGER WINLESS! RAWR!

This week we face off against Suck My Kick. I have a special place in my heart for these guys because we all like to scream at the television when the Spurs are playing, but I have a strong suspicion that they just aren't going to get what our team is all about. It's going to be kind of like when you're playing Mario Kart with your 6 year old cousin and get all excited about setting a new lap record, and then you look over and realize that she's trying to throw bananas to the monkeys in the trees on the side of the course because "they look hungry" and has actually managed to go backwards a half a lap.

Just remember the golden rule tonight: the game isn't over when we finish playing, the game is over when we finish the punch! Tight & Bright is playing against Raging Dinos immediately after our game, so I think it's highly likely well be partying at Gillis well beyond the 7:15  PM mark. If you're confused when you come by, the GOOD punch is the stuff in the blue cooler, the shitty punch that T&B is peddling is in the gatorade one. See you on the field!


Wednesday, July 17, 2013



Reusing an image is acceptable if it's Nic Cage-related.

Here are more reasons I'm looking forward to this game:
  • This is the Iowa Cup. Did I just make that up? Absolutely. But because I'm from Iowa and Morgan is from Iowa (and so are Josh and DJ and probably a bunch of other people on HM), the winner of this game gets to take home the title of Best Iowan along with the Iowa Cup trophy. Because Iowa.
  • We are chasing our fireball with fireball. See you all in prison.
  • We're kicking away. Remember back when you first started playing kickball as an adult and it was just SO FUN to try to kick the crap out of the ball? Me too!
  • Some TBD activity that will be hatched from the minds of me, Tom, Morgan, and Manda. If you're scared for our/your safety, good. You should be.
  • The one and only Hutch will be there, wearing a CV tank (you're welcome, ladies), and drinking 1/2 handle of Fireball. 
Okay so, that's pretty much it. 

Regarding the Relax post KATE! wrote:

Relax and Let It Happen

A lot has happened since we were all last together. Please see below for the play by play.

1. Remember the GMOT Valerie wrote a few weeks ago when we played Candy Van? Remember how she whined about how Relax is no fun and maybe we should go to the bar one time in our lives? Remember how she said Candy Van was so much more American than us? Okay, well now do you remember how we beat Candy Van while we got drunk and berated them with shit talk? What’s more American than that I ask you? Remember how we had about 8 people at the bar, and they had closer to 2? You’re right CV, we surrender. You guys are so fun and cool. Suck it.

2. Relax took a travel squad to the great city of San Diego for the 4th of July weekend (vacationing in honor of our nation’s independence is also TREMENDOUSLY American might I add). We came, we saw, and we conquered, kicking all kinds of elite kickball ass and taking home the SDKO title and a fat check as well. Shit proceeded to get really weird – there was bottle service, blacking out, throwing up, and then there was a 7AM flight back to Austin. Best, worst day of our collective life.

3. Last weekend, we took a rag tag group of WAKA kickballers down to the Del Valle jail grounds and won another title in the Relax name. We found a ton of new friends from all kinds of socio-economic backgrounds, and made big strides for the Caucasian race, so I’m pretty proud of us overall.

This week we’re glad to be back at Gillis. We don’t care who we play and we know we will win. What we DO care about is that it’s our semi-loved leader’s day of birth. We’re gonna baptize Jay’s mouth with holy Vaderade straight from the blessed Mug. Feel free to come by and join in the festivities. Sure, we’ll probably talk shit about your un-athletic ability and lack of competitive spirit as you walk away, but what do you really expect? Can’t wait. Smooches, y’all.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

DunderSaurus Rex

Hooray! Everyone is a winner.  So it goes with ties.  After a much hyped ‘Game of the Week’ showdown with PurpleSaurus, the teams battled to a 2-2 draw.  The biggest benefit is that we screw over both Tom and Stephen with their weekly picks.  Tom picked Dunder to win; Stephen picked PurpleSaurus to win – and neither was right.

I’ll be very honest for a moment:  we had this game.  PurpleSaurus played their game of bombing away with their kicks so we stacked the outfield to combat this strategy.  Dunder gave this win away – we just didn’t take advantage of our opportunities on offense.  But hats off to PurpleSaurus for another good game, it was fun and the punch, as usual, was delicious.  Maybe we’ll see you in the playoffs.

This week we get the Red Rockets who are easily a top 5 team and early Las Vegas line is Dunder + 8.5 – for those who don’t gamble, it means we expect to get beat down.  I’d like to say that it’s because so many of our players are out this week (and they are) but really, the Rockets are a good team.  To combat this, we plan on getting extra drunk.


David "It's Raining Men" Wilcox - When you get that invitation to some goofy-ass corporate productivity tool training session, your immediate response should be unbridled anger: “Who are they to waste my time with this sh!t?” “Why do I need to learn a bunch of cr@p they’ll replace in two years?” “F*ck your workflow, and suck my g*ddamn process!” And you’d be right. But after you calm down and stop with the wanking motions, you realize that you’ve just been given a two hour reprieve from emails, calls, and pretending to do work. And so you accept it, move on, and then two weeks later find yourself being trained on eRoom workflows by Mr. David Q. Wilcox. And after you harass the shit out of him, you lay the kickball recruiting pitch on thick. At least, that’s how I think Rachelle met Wilcox(xx) and invited him to join Dunder.

Wilcox is an original member of Dunder and has performed just about every role possible: captain, DJ, end-of-season party host, and CIO. He’s an absolute terror in the outfield, with incredible range and turbocharged closing speed. Oh, and have you ever seen one of his relay throws? That’s a trick question, dummy: Wilcox will run you’re a$s down from the outfield, instead.  In fact, Wilcox is Dunder’s (and, quite possibly, WAKA’s) career leader in gazelles (outfield to infield rundowns). He also has patented a pseudo-knuckle flop pitch that can only be replicated by Ben. While some kickballers like to run the bases with a beer in hand, Wilcox doesn’t have time for that kiddie sh1t. This is man we’re talking about: he runs the bases with a smoked turkey leg. So, if at some point this season, you see a tall, striking man elegantly gliding around the base paths with a turkey leg, know this: that is Wilcox, and you are not him.

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Tapas Bravas comes to G&S Lounge!

We're excited to announced that WAKA and G&S Lounge have partnered with a food truck to bring you tasty noms before and after your games just steps away from the fields in the G&S lot! Check out this delightful menu:

All sandwiches will be $7, and chips will be $1. See you at the bar!

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

PurpleSaurus Rex!

We had a bye week, then the 4th happened and everyone blacked out for a few days, and now I can barely remember the start of our impressive 0-1-1 season. There was some Purple? No matter, we're bringing it hard this week with a full jug of punch, one of our favorite opponents to beat up on, and a TINY TINY boom box with a lot of heart because my sweet block rocker was stolen (side note: do not leave your car in the Gillis parking lot until Saturday after getting absolutely grief-hammered on Fireball after the Spurs lose in Game 7, someone will break in and steal your boom box and your f***ing car battery).

I'm pleased to announce that Thursday will see the return of a long-standing Purple Menace, Mr. Sterling Shrader. Professional obligations kept him out of the first quarter of the season, but he's ready to come back and crush shit with his fence-climbing post-scoring celebrations and league-best use of the bandana head band.

PurpleSaurus is getting cuddly with a bunch of sweet ass off-field engagements ranging from cookie baking parties to back yard movie nights, but there's one big event that we want to make sure everyone knows about: a float party! We like all of you a lot, so you should come float the Colorado with us at the beginning of next month, check out the FACEBOOK INVITATION and RSVP your fine self.

See you on the field, in the bar, and possibly on the other side of the bed Friday morning.

PurpleSaurus Rex

Tuesday, July 9, 2013


So, America happened last week. Before that I think we got really weird in a kickball game. I'm pretty sure I got at least 13 people pregnant. So, ya know: the usual.

We have a bye this week after a few of us wrecked our bodies in San Diego. We'll take this bye week to mentally prepare ourselves for what we imagine will the sluttiest game of our season against Hannah Montana next week. Pink v. Purple. Bro tanks vs. bros who wear tanks. Iowan vs. Iowans. It's GONNA. GET. SEXY.

During our bye week, these are some things that will happen:

JOZ and LADY JOZ will teach their pup some new party tricks:

Huntley, Chapa, Mustard, Paul, and Luis will start a dance gang and endlessly roam the streets:

Snoop will approve of something nerdy that Danger does:

Valerie will go on an awkward internet date that makes her question her faith in humanity:

Natalie will yell things for no reason in particular:

Tom will find this guy and recruit him for the team:

Hutch will be himself:

Everyone will be thinking about how much they miss Foxy:

Hayley will continue to wonder what she got herself into by joining the team:

Carrie will continue to love what she got herself into by joining the team:

Matty B and Stephen will become eskimo brothers:

We might not be playing kickball this week, but we'll all just be doin' us:


DunderSaurus Rex

Well I’ll be honest, I didn’t know the GMOT wouldn’t be updated because of July 4th (Happy Birthday ‘Merica).  So Dunder submitted a GMOT write up for last week and we have another this week so you get to enjoy a double dose of Dunderness in one GMOT  – funky.
Since there were no games last week, Dunder had to quench our need competitive sports … the solution:  arm wrestling at a new trendy bar (Gatsby’s) on Sixth Street.  Not sure this is what the Gatsby’s ownership had in mind when they built their back patio but oh well … check out these action shots

This week, Dunder gets another crack at PurpleSaurus.  Lifetime, Dunder is 1-2 against them – including our all-star matchup game last season.  We raised money for the WAKA charity (that’s good) but lost in the bottom of the last inning to PurpleSaurus (that’s bad).  We’re looking for a little redemption.  I predict a good, clean game of kickball and it may again come down to the last inning.


Wendell “Pocket Rockets” McQuary – the most famous man in the league, no seriously.  He’s worked for Southwest Airlines since the 70s and has been in several commercials for them.  I’ve seen the commercials aired during NFL games – it’s freaking awesome.  He might also be the most famous man on the kickball fields too – playing several nights a week in several different leagues.  He’s back with Dunder this season after a brief hiatus to play for our sister team Rikickulous last season.  Wendell takes his place back in our pitching rotation, putting time in at 1st and spots in the outfield – he does it all.  He’ll also be providing some power to our kicking order.  Wendell started in WAKA way back in the day as well – as an opponent to Dunder.  But over the years, Dunder broke his will and we brought him over to “the dark side”.

Lisa “The Prestige” Webre --  Wendell’s other half … seriously, you can’t have just ‘Wendell or Lisa’ – it’s always ‘Wendell and Lisa’.  She’s been playing just as long and I’d say almost just as much as Wendell but it seems like she’s going on vacation every other week to Cozumel, MX – must be rough. Another person who’s been in the league pretty much from the beginning –and another convert to Dunder.  Playing our rover position between 1st and 2nd and locking it down with great defense or maybe she’s just trying to distract base runners with kindness.  A bunting machine, she moves the runners into scoring position – but watch out, she’s a wily veteran on those bases herself.  She always has supplies too if you need anything – most importantly, a cooler of beer.