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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

DunderSaurus Rex

Well I’ll be honest, I didn’t know the GMOT wouldn’t be updated because of July 4th (Happy Birthday ‘Merica).  So Dunder submitted a GMOT write up for last week and we have another this week so you get to enjoy a double dose of Dunderness in one GMOT  – funky.
Since there were no games last week, Dunder had to quench our need competitive sports … the solution:  arm wrestling at a new trendy bar (Gatsby’s) on Sixth Street.  Not sure this is what the Gatsby’s ownership had in mind when they built their back patio but oh well … check out these action shots

This week, Dunder gets another crack at PurpleSaurus.  Lifetime, Dunder is 1-2 against them – including our all-star matchup game last season.  We raised money for the WAKA charity (that’s good) but lost in the bottom of the last inning to PurpleSaurus (that’s bad).  We’re looking for a little redemption.  I predict a good, clean game of kickball and it may again come down to the last inning.


Wendell “Pocket Rockets” McQuary – the most famous man in the league, no seriously.  He’s worked for Southwest Airlines since the 70s and has been in several commercials for them.  I’ve seen the commercials aired during NFL games – it’s freaking awesome.  He might also be the most famous man on the kickball fields too – playing several nights a week in several different leagues.  He’s back with Dunder this season after a brief hiatus to play for our sister team Rikickulous last season.  Wendell takes his place back in our pitching rotation, putting time in at 1st and spots in the outfield – he does it all.  He’ll also be providing some power to our kicking order.  Wendell started in WAKA way back in the day as well – as an opponent to Dunder.  But over the years, Dunder broke his will and we brought him over to “the dark side”.

Lisa “The Prestige” Webre --  Wendell’s other half … seriously, you can’t have just ‘Wendell or Lisa’ – it’s always ‘Wendell and Lisa’.  She’s been playing just as long and I’d say almost just as much as Wendell but it seems like she’s going on vacation every other week to Cozumel, MX – must be rough. Another person who’s been in the league pretty much from the beginning –and another convert to Dunder.  Playing our rover position between 1st and 2nd and locking it down with great defense or maybe she’s just trying to distract base runners with kindness.  A bunting machine, she moves the runners into scoring position – but watch out, she’s a wily veteran on those bases herself.  She always has supplies too if you need anything – most importantly, a cooler of beer. 

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