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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

PurpleSaurus Rex!

We opened up our game against Run Home Jack like we were full blown all star sluggers, nothing could go wrong! I think we scored 6 runs in the first inning and then went full PurpleSaurus with the punch and stopped keeping track. We were winning, everyone seemed to be having fun, wooooo! Bottom of the 5th (4th?) rolls around and its last kicks, and all of a sudden Jack puts up 5 scores. We look at the scoreboard at its 7-7. OH NO! IT HAPPENED AGAIN! WE SPURS'D IT!

Luckily it turned out that Edgar hadn't been diligent about updating the scoreboard and it was actually 8-7, game over, we win. AND THE DINOS GO WILD! That shit was cray, but we'll take it because oh look! Somehow we're #8 in the Live conference with a .400 win percentage!

I love theme weeks, and my team came through big for me with some sweet get ups!

PurpleSaurus was shutting the bar down (as usual) before someone finally noticed that I was wearing mistletoe. I attribute this to being distracted by how attractive all my teammates are though, so I don't blame them. Spontaneous Purple Brunch erupted on Rainey the following Sunday, and we discovered a delightful cocktail at Bangers. Behold: the MANMOSA!

This week shit is about to get uncomfortably real for everyone still at the fields at 8:45 when PurpleSaurus Rex and Tight & Bright collide in a veritable drunk off. You notice how there are always two teams who have giant jugs of jungle juice at games? Yeah those are our two teams. Shenanigans are being planned, and PurpleSaurus knows full well that our only hope of victory is to impair their physical functions to such a degree that the vast disparity in skill between the teams becomes meaningless. Fortunately, we expect T&Bs full cooperation in this endeavor.

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