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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

DunderSaurus Rex

Congratulations to the Red Rockets – “they are who we thought they were”.

Dunder gave the Rockets their best shot jumping out to a 3-0 lead at one point before eventually failing to them 6-4.  I don’t know if we surprised them or what but I like to believe we at least scared them a little bit.  The Rockets are a top LIVE team and I think Dunder earned some respect with this game – that’s right, I’m calling it a ‘moral victory’.

Even better, it was a fun game with lots of back and forth, great plays from both teams.  Though on a personal note, I do wish that dude playing LCF hadn’t been fast enough to get the line drive I sent to RCF – he made a shoe-string catch.  That would have been a stand up triple – oh well.
Special thanks to Jamie and Carrie for helping us out – I’ve submitted your applications to join the official ‘Dunder Fan Club’.
This week, we get ‘Peanut Butter and Leo’ – they’ll have to explain the name, I don’t get it.  Our fearless leader Ben is out this week on a camping expedition to New Mexico but being a veteran team, I’m sure we’ll be okay.
David “Mean Machine” Mendoza - An original member of Dunder, Mendoza may miss a few games each season, but that’s usually because he’s in another country for “work.”  “Sorry I missed the game last week. I was in Amsterdam for work.” Sure, thanks, rub it in, buddy. There’s a good chance Mendoza resides primarily in Rio de Janeiro and commutes to Austin to play kickball. All of this just proves how awesome he is and how awesome Dunder is. Dude has gone everywhere, could be anywhere, and still makes it back to Gillis on Thursdays to play some kickball with the team.  If you see a well-coiffed, handsome man rocking khaki shorts while patrolling the Dunder outfield this season, be sure to ask him where he was last week and see if he’s got a place for you to stay for World Cup 2014. But don’t sleep on the male Carmen San Diego during the game or you’ll end up on the wrong side of a David Mendoza Vengeance Put Out. Mendoza strongly abhors force outs and prefers the cathartic release provided by unnecessarily and recklessly whipping the ball at runners from close range. Be warned!

Nessrit "Ball Buster" Ali – Nes, as she's affectionately known to Dunder, is one of Dunder's best additions over the last few seasons. She's dependable, consistent, a shit ton of fun, and loves Jameson; all qualities Dunder looks for in its players. Her take no prisoners attitude is evident both on and off the field as she holds down third base or burns your perennial all-star left fielder with a kick over his head while on the field or off the field when she mercilessly calls out people at the bar for their inability to keep pace with her shots of Jameson or for their on field douchebaggery.  Nes is almost always down to beat you in flip cup, out drink your team's go to 'anchor', and then tell you why even though you keep winning games the rest of the league thinks your team is just a big bag of tools. She does all of this while keeping an innocent, demure appearance and being one of Dunder's best kept secrets.  Here's a picture of her with her BFF JDL -- who is currently on our inactive roster due to some medical condition.

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