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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Relax and Let It Happen

This GMOT will be a tribute to one of our favorite members of the Relax Dynasty – Shannon Davis. A LOT has gone down for Ole Shan in the 2013 calendar year, and it’s about damn time we celebrated her majesty.

A few months ago, Shan graduated from Grad School where she was studying Physical Therapy. She looked like a wizard and solidified her title as “Way Smarter than Anyone else on Relax.” Go Shan!

Immediately following, she got engaged to Jay. While you may be thinking, WHAT? WHY? Let me assure you – though spending the rest of your life with the tyrant that is Jay Russell might not be the right choice for you, it is indeed the right choice for her. They are soul mates, it is beautiful, yeah yeah yeah, Go Shan!

Just today, Shan passed her ginormous test that makes her an official Physical Therapist, yet again reiterating that she is WAY smarter than any of us. Allow us to introduce our very own - Dr. Shannon Davis, PT, DPT. Go Shan!

Sprinkled in between, all year long, a lot of this happened. Sorry bout that, girl. But alas – Go Shan!

To the members of this league – don’t be an asshole! Come by this week to say hi and congratulate this girl. Smooches y’all!

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