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Tuesday, July 9, 2013


So, America happened last week. Before that I think we got really weird in a kickball game. I'm pretty sure I got at least 13 people pregnant. So, ya know: the usual.

We have a bye this week after a few of us wrecked our bodies in San Diego. We'll take this bye week to mentally prepare ourselves for what we imagine will the sluttiest game of our season against Hannah Montana next week. Pink v. Purple. Bro tanks vs. bros who wear tanks. Iowan vs. Iowans. It's GONNA. GET. SEXY.

During our bye week, these are some things that will happen:

JOZ and LADY JOZ will teach their pup some new party tricks:

Huntley, Chapa, Mustard, Paul, and Luis will start a dance gang and endlessly roam the streets:

Snoop will approve of something nerdy that Danger does:

Valerie will go on an awkward internet date that makes her question her faith in humanity:

Natalie will yell things for no reason in particular:

Tom will find this guy and recruit him for the team:

Hutch will be himself:

Everyone will be thinking about how much they miss Foxy:

Hayley will continue to wonder what she got herself into by joining the team:

Carrie will continue to love what she got herself into by joining the team:

Matty B and Stephen will become eskimo brothers:

We might not be playing kickball this week, but we'll all just be doin' us:


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