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Republic Picks

TX Republic (Wednesday Night)

Every week Harris makes a series of bets with himself on the outcome of his league games.  He's the black Pete Rose! (more of caramel macchiato)  But homies gettin' paid!

Candy Van vs. Free-Range Kickens
5-2 Candy Van

What Do Other People Do For Kicks vs. I Want It Slow & Bouncy
7-5 Do For Kicks

Ball Adjusters vs. Basic Pitches
3-2 Ball Adjusters

My Mom Thinks This Is An AA Meeting vs. You Can't Sit With Us

It's My Kick in a Box vs.  Pitch Don't Kill My Vibe
Kick in a Box 5-2

One Kick Wonders vs. Pixelated Buntkake
One Kick Wonders 6-3

The Sidekicks vs. Kick Ballas
The Sidekicks 6-4

Faceballs vs. SMK
 SMK 8-3

PE Credit Remixed vs. Miley
Miley 8-5

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