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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

PurpleSaurus Rex!

We had a bye week, then the 4th happened and everyone blacked out for a few days, and now I can barely remember the start of our impressive 0-1-1 season. There was some Purple? No matter, we're bringing it hard this week with a full jug of punch, one of our favorite opponents to beat up on, and a TINY TINY boom box with a lot of heart because my sweet block rocker was stolen (side note: do not leave your car in the Gillis parking lot until Saturday after getting absolutely grief-hammered on Fireball after the Spurs lose in Game 7, someone will break in and steal your boom box and your f***ing car battery).

I'm pleased to announce that Thursday will see the return of a long-standing Purple Menace, Mr. Sterling Shrader. Professional obligations kept him out of the first quarter of the season, but he's ready to come back and crush shit with his fence-climbing post-scoring celebrations and league-best use of the bandana head band.

PurpleSaurus is getting cuddly with a bunch of sweet ass off-field engagements ranging from cookie baking parties to back yard movie nights, but there's one big event that we want to make sure everyone knows about: a float party! We like all of you a lot, so you should come float the Colorado with us at the beginning of next month, check out the FACEBOOK INVITATION and RSVP your fine self.

See you on the field, in the bar, and possibly on the other side of the bed Friday morning.

PurpleSaurus Rex

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