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Wednesday, April 20, 2011


So last week we had a battle with our good buddy Barrett and his squad. We’ve always had a rivalry with them, as they were our first ever opponent in WAKA.  Every game has been decided by one or a tie, or the lights going out.
We play the happy hour game at 6:15. Let’s hope we can at least beat the traffic to Gillis Park. Although the season has been very disappointing, and you could even call us Lonestar Light/Lonestar Lime/Lonestar 64/Lonestar (add your favorite flavor of jolly rancher), etc;  and I won’t get mad, the past two times out on the field since we started drinking at the fields have been TONS of fun. We’ll finish the season strong and do some heavy recruiting over the summer and be back in the Fall. We may change our name to Lonestar Ice next fall.
Now we could go back to the Bastrop League aka ASSC…..but we’ll do steroids to win before we do something drastic like that. We’ll also be tailgating during the 8pm rematch of last year’s championship. Should be a great Thursday Night Lights!

Love, the Drunkstars/Lonestars

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