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Thursday, November 21, 2013

PurpleSaurus Rex - TX Live

PurpleSaurus has many sister teams in WAKA, because we believe that any team that likes to party and doesn't become stricken with anxiety when there are 6 girls on the field and you might not have the optimal lineup to maximize potential scoring is DOING IT RIGHT. Unfortunately the league is big enough that we don't get to play everyone every season, but this Fall we've definitely found our soulmates in two other Live teams. A couple of weeks ago we played against Pitch, Please: a ROUSING match that ended in an exciting 6-5 final score. There was much dancing, there were silly hats, there was face paint, there was the traditional sharing of the punch ceremony, and we all found each other very attractive and partied at Gibson all night. A lovechild GroupMe was formed that resulted in about 50,000 messages about cookies, kittens, and dick pics over the course of the last two weeks, with gems like this:

So Pitch, Please, we love you. Especially you Roy. Huge props for getting thrown out of Gibson for pressing your naked butt cheeks against the glass door. That made my night.

This week, we face off against long time frenemies and ANOTHER sister team: Pitches be Trippin! Imitation is the most sincere form of flattery, so we were touched when they printed trucker hats to be cool like us last season right before bouncing us unceremoniously out of the playoffs. Tonight we clash in a most epic battle of custom fun rules: NO bunting, NO dudes pitching, and reverse base running for the duration of the game. Oh and were all wearing tutus and tiaras (and tights and mustaches). It's almost just too much fun to handle for a 6:45 game, so we'll be taking it to Gibson shortly after to get our Bingo on and sip some Bacardi.

Not Purple's best season in the standings, but nobody out funs us. NOBODY. Here's to getting weird tonight, I'll see you on the field!


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