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Friday, November 15, 2013

Snappin Da Base - TX Republic

Last week was a night of mixed emotions for Snappin’ Da Base. But think about it for a few seconds and you really can’t blame us for letting our excitement go a bit crazy. Hannah Montana, Ball Me Maybe, mud, and cold? Then throw in the fact that we’ve been chopping to get back on the kickball field after weeks of rain? Yeah…

We were a bit emotional.

So we went up against Hannah Montana for our first game, ready to throw down our dominance…and that’s when our passions flew like a bird into the clear glass of reality.

Utter defeat! All it took was a couple bad innings early in the game to throw us off our undefeated throne. Luckily, we’re not a team that slips quietly into the abyss and we rallied to bring the score to a close 4-6 loss. Hannah’s been crushing teams all season, so even though we lost, it was a good loss.

We had the chance to redeem ourselves against a potential sleeper team Ball Me Maybe. It’s rough when both teams have double headers, but Ball Me Maybe played like we were their first game, not their second. So kudos to them!

Although the game came to a slightly abrupt end, I think Ball Me Maybe was a kick or two away from a comeback that could have put us on our heels.

Anyways, it was a night of feeling all the feelings. This Wednesday we face off against 50 Shades of Greatness who look to distract us with their antics of awesome and sneak in a win. Don’t let our cries of angst lull you into complacency, 50 Shades! We come to play!

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