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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Snappin Da Base - TX Republic

Last week we had the chance to square up against E=MC Hammer. A team of fellow education software nerds after our own hearts. It was a bit like going up against our brothers…or cousins…or whatever…the point is, it made the game great.

There were times when we were on our game…

And times when we were…not so much…

But regardless of the final score, E=MC Hammer brought their A-game (and some pretty awesome kicks) to the field last week, and they pretty much kept us on our toes the entire time.  In some cases, literally.

We’ve got a double-header next week! Ball Me Maybe is going to be coming at us with everything they’ve got and more, and Hanna Montana, the only other undefeated team in the league, will be looking to take the #1 spot crown.

To both teams, we say……game on!

Win or lose, it’s going to be epic.

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