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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Ten Dollar Tijuana Dunder Show - TX Live

$10 Tijuana Dunder Show
After a week of much needed rain, kickball was back in action bringing everybody’s favorite “veteran” team back to Gillis for another round of awesome.
This week’s showdown:  Dunder versus Peanut Butter & Leo.  It was explained to me last season that Leo is a dog – you do the math.  Anyways, we rolled to an early 3-0 lead at the top of the first only to forget how to play defense and gave 3 runs of our own in the bottom of the inning to leave us tied at 3 all.  After that, it was a defensive battle … somewhere along the way they scored another run taking a 4-3 advantage into the top of the fifth.
Last at bats:  the bottom of the Dunder lineup was coming up to kick and they delivered when we needed it most.  Eddie gets on base with a good solid kick to CF, Mendoza bunt him over to 2nd while also getting on base himself and then Jen (the new girl we got as a free agent) lays down the perfect sacrifice bunt to the first base side … she’s out but she’s moved Eddie to third and Mendoza to second with only 1 out.  Then up comes big, bad Tim “The Anvil” Barnhart – who kicks a B-E-A-utiful line drive to CF which isn’t caught – Eddie hustles home from third to tie the game … Mendoza comes rounding third and turns on the jets to home to give Dunder a 5-4 lead.  We could have used another insurance run but couldn’t manage to get anything else.
Bottom of the fifth … they got some base runners on but we tightened up the defense to put them away without giving them a real chance to tie it up.
Overall, a great game, fun was had by all … and there was much rejoicing.  I think this victory could be attributed to pre-gaming at G&S Lounge and to celebrate, we post gamed at G&S.

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