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Tuesday, October 1, 2013

CANDY VAN (TX Republic)

DISCLAIMER: this is our first season without the esteemed Valerie Gleason running our team & our GMOT, so bear with us.

We came out firing on all cylinders, and by "we," I mean "Joz."  A homer on the first kick?!?!  It's going to be a blowout, right?!?!?!  This season is in the bag, hand us the trophy!!  We're heros!!

Oh yah, the other team gets to kick too.  Snappin Da Base showed us how the kick-away thing REALLY works.  Rouuuugghhh.

Speaking of lowered expectations, we play 50 Shades of Greatness this week.  We're going back to our roots and we're going to show them how Candy Van REALLY rolls.  If you want to see the creepiest display of kickball ever, come on out to Field 3 at 7pm.  There will be a TON of this:

See you out there, weirdos!!

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  1. HAHAHAHAH! Best video clips EVAR!