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Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Snappin Da Base - TX Republic

We’ve played two seasons already with WAKA, and have yet to delve into the mysteries that is GMOT. But we’re going to take a stab at this.

Our last two seasons were pretty…not good. OK, we kinda sucked. So coming out of the start of season 3 with two great victories makes us feel pretty good about ourselves. We don’t exactly know what we’re doing, but hopefully we’ll keeping doing it.

Don’t Stop Ballieving had us anxious most of the game. We had all kinds of play stopping catches, hardcore kicks, and strategic runs, and yet, DSB would NOT simply rollover. They had the bases almost constantly loaded and there was always the risk that at any second they might come back with a vengeance. I think we all aged about ten years that night. To someone on the outside looking in, you’d think that a 9-0 blowout game meant that DSB’s performance was lacking.

NOT TRUE. Point in fact we had to FIGHT for EVERY SINGLE ONE of those 9 points. WTF Don’t Stop Ballieving?! Make winning easier!! With your kicks launching balls into orbit and your rather impressive between-the-legs catches, the 9-0 final score kinda seems like someone tricked us into thinking we were good.
But still. A win is a win and we rocked it pretty hard.

Now we’re coming up against People Pay to Sleep With Us. We’ll give props on the name…but that’s going to be about all you get free from us. We might not pay to sleep with you (we’re poor anyways), but we did pay WAKA for the opportunity to turn our 2-0 record into an 3-0 record.

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