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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Pitches be Trippin - TX Live


PurpleSaurus Rex, you are the only team as bad as we are (or maybe not this season), so this pretty much is THE SACKO BOWL of Texas Live. 

What is the common denominator for our team?!?!?!  Kimberly Fortanely !!!  Most of the time, I have a hard time figuring out who she actually plays for.  Pretty sure you guys are providing her too much of that roofied Purple Punch.

Personally, I have attempted to hook up with every male on PurpleSaurus Rex (unsuccessfully I might add), if there are new players male players I hope we can also have our first and last conversation at Gibson tonight <3

To get ready for the game Rob Cozby made us some of his manly BBQ.  I am not sure quite what happened at the end of our pump-up dinner, but it ended like this

 Despite being defeated, we aren’t scared about Thursday’s matchup, especially considering our contenders.

Also, we hope to see everyone ready to rage on Saturday night.  Pitches Be Trippin will be there promptly at 8:59pm.  Please come say hi before 9:30pm, because we plan to have no memory of the night after then.


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  1. We don't roofie her! She's just drawn in by the intoxicating musk of the Rex. It's all consensual. We're open to group stuff.