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Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Ten Dollar Tijuana Dunder Show - TX Live

$10 Tijuana Dunder Show

A new season and Dunder rolls on.  But before anyone goes crazy and reads too much into our opening week 11-2 romp over ‘Sons of Pitches’, let me level set expectations here.  We’re down 3 of our best defensive and offensive players.  We lost Wilcox (taking a season off), Robert (broke his collarbone during the playoffs) and Tom R (quitter) … that’s our best outfielder, one of our starting pitchers and our starting first baseman as well as a ton of offensive fire power.

But with the loss of players, there’s always the joy of getting new players.  In what seems to be becoming standard operating practice, Dunder has gone into the ‘free agent’ pool and come out winners.  Seriously, it’s like winning the lottery.  We’ve met 2 of our 3 new players and they’re going to fit in with us just fine.  So welcome aboard Jen and Stephanie … Jackie we’re looking forward to meeting you this week J

The best thing about our new players, other than they came out to play kickball, have fun, went with Dunder to the bar, drank with us, were a shit ton of fun discussing “starfish” … they’re doctors.  Hello!!! Dunder just went up a tax bracket.  We’re freaking getting loaded with real ‘professionals’ – attorney and doctors, what the heck?!?!? I’m going to get priced off the team.

Speaking of the bar, we decided the new place was too far away so we went to G&S.  We closed it down again.  Check out this good looking group.

This week, we have what is becoming a seasonal, fun, grudge-match game against PurpleSaurus.  It’s usually a pretty close game, last season we tied but that’s because Stephen cheated.  I’m not sure how, where, or when he cheated but that’s the theory I’m working with.

The great thing about this game is that I’ll actually get some action in the outfield … seriously, it gets boring out there but luckily Purplesaurs will just kick away.  And in a show of solidarity, Dunder will also forsake bunting, munting, slow rollers, etc.  for the week.

Stephen, like the Dread Pirate Roberts, we’re coming for your soul.

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