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Wednesday, October 2, 2013

PurpleSaurus Rex - TX Live

The debut of the latest incarnation of PurpleSaurus Rex was marked my a significant increase in punch consumption, leading to complete exhaustion of our reserves prior to the third inning. NOT TO BE DETERRED, the team promptly allowed a late game scoring binge, lost 6-1, and got our hineys over to the bar to get to work on another jug of punch, this one concocted by our good friends at Gibson.

Speaking of the bar, it's come to my attention that Dunder is just too cool for everyone else in the league and can't be bothered to rub shoulders with such proles. Instead, they deigned to go back to our old stomping grounds at G&S Lounge to drink in solitude, successfully avoiding any kind of social interaction with anyone not on Dunder. We've got a weiner alert here people!

Their excuse for these shenanigans? Apparently Gibson is "too far". Wait ... what?

Seriously, what are you talking about.

I investigated this particular claim, and my findings were nothing short of astounding. Through a complex process involving typing two addresses into Google maps, I deduced the following:

Current traffic is 8:30 AM rush hour.

Oh IM SORRY, did we inconvenience you by partnering with a bar that's FOUR FREAKING MINUTES FROM THE FIELD?

Well, there's only one thing to be done. We must brutally destroy Dunder on the kickball field and then offer to purchase them a round of fine beverages at our patron establishment to drown their sorrows in as they pick themselves up and wonder how in the world they allowed someone to score eleventy billion runs on them. Since Dunder's return to WAKA in Fall 2012, PurpleSaurus is 2-1-1 against them. Looks good on paper, but that lone Dunder win was a Fall 2012 playoff elimination, and we have not forgotten. Well, most of us have because I think there are like 2 people still on the team from that squad. But still! We'll see you on the field Dun-DUHHH!

You just got hit with a Mike Dexter reference.

Stephen & PurpleSaurus Rex

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