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Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Chicks Dig The Long Ball - TX Republic

The Government may be shut down, but we're just gettin' started!

 It was a wild 50 minutes that ended in a 5-1 victory. There were diving catches, bang-bang plays at the bases and not to mention a few dance parties broke out.

The bar was PACKED but still a lot of fun. Maybe a little too much fun for some of you. You know who you are..... I hope all the newbies got all of the first game jitters out of the way. None of our ladies fell on their asses like they thought they would, so I'd say the night was a success!

My weekly BIG UPS go to:

  • Teddy - For basically being a 1-man defense and single handedly ringing up 3 consecutive outs in the 1st inning. Not to mention dragging his monster leg to the plate and booming a 2RBI hit. He's embracing the team moniker, and the ladies dig it. 
  • Reeder- Not to be outdone, Big Mike put together the rare unicorn of kickball plays - The SOLO TRIPLE PLAY in the 3rd. I've maybe seen this done 2 times before. So if you saw it, you're probably going to tell your children some day. 
  • EY (Lindsey) - For her 2 RBI kicks. They really helped cushion the lead when we needed it. She was one of the MANY ladies who was afraid they would whiff the kick and land on her ass. Instead she balled out 
  • Karthik - For the over the shoulder snag in the outfield. The other team went into desperation mode and their girls decided to muscle up and start bootin' 'em. But K-Rock went straight Gandolf and said "You Shall Not Pass!"
  • Heather & Mario (they're married so they get to share) - Not only did Heather STILL make it out the the game after her flight was delayed, these 2 ballers came to play kickball on their anniversary. That's team dedication!

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