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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Walk of Shame - TX Live

First win of the year in Game 3? What the f is going on here Walks? Still no losses though, so I guess that counts for something, right? 

How well do you know the Walks? Who dun it?
Got pegged in the shoulder area at home plate and was called safe. Then got upset cause he wanted to be called safe and thought he was out:
A) Andre
B) Jessica
C) Butler
Grabbed his hamstring 10 feet away from 1st after realizing he was gonna be thrown out:
A) Leeho
B) Slob
C) Jorge
Had 3 RBIs without ever getting on base:
A) Tanker
B) Tom
C) Will
Came to the game relatively sober for the first time ever:
A) Clay
B) Erin
C) Kerry
Thinks he's the greatest player in the league now because he caught a ball that was kicked at him:
A) Andre
B) Slob
C) Butler
Cheat sheet: C, A, B, A, A
How'd you do? 

We gave up a homer run for the first time in about 12 seasons, I repeat, what the f is going on here Walks? Luckily next game we'll just be facing Leslie & co. O/U on strikeouts is set at 2. I'm taking the over. You?


  1. I got 4 out of 5. But to be fair, I guessed E$ for "Came to the game relatively sober for the first time ever."

  2. Well nobody is gonna blame you for that. But see entry #1 for an explanation on New Erin.