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Wednesday, October 2, 2013

50 Shades of GREATNESS - TX Republic

Strutting onto the fields in the BEST new t-shirt color for our first theme night, 50 shades of Rainbow, we drew lots of attention to ourselves....something that most of us on the team are very accustomed to. We looked great, had bubble letter decorated drinking containers, a flip cup table, and the cutest dog at the park, we were feeling confident! 

Then it was time to start playing and people are yelling about line-ups and kicking orders and field positions and I remember that we're not out there just to drink and look awesome. SHIT! I scrambled to make an order on my phone and send people frantically out into the outfield only to have suck my kick almost RUN RULE us. Clearly they came to the fields for a completely different reason than we did. However, we have a saying since my first season of kickball, "If you win at kickball, you're definitely NOT winning at life." So good luck with those 15+ runs you guys got, it was no surprise to me that you were hanging out at the bar by yourselves last week! (haha, JK! Love you Edgar!)

We managed to regain our composure and not let us a bunch more runs after that inning but I know I had a blast watching Katie try to make plays in those rainbow butterfly wings! 

Shout out to Andrew Over, one of our kickball VIRGINS, for being hilariously ridiculous all around. Glad you're making yourself right at home!

Then we went to the bar and dominated it like usual. That is the place where we will continue to win every week no matter what happens on the fields! Did you guys see the mustaches on the doors at Corner Bar? Yeah, I can imagine there will be LOTS more photos taken this week!

This week we're playing the CREEPERS (Candy Van) and we couldn't be more excited to dress up like school children and have them chase us around the field. Wait, what? Happy Hump Day!

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