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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

The Tyrannical Teabaggers

After our victory last week over the Tyrannical Dunderbaggers in the inaugural Tyrannical Bag-off, we have a bye week to rest up. In the mean time, here is our season summed up in videos/gifs.

Week 1: We lose to Relax handily.

Week 2: We lose to Stride of Pride.

 Week 3: We practice during our bye week. Now we can all do 1 arm pushups while teabagging someone.

 Week 4: We're beating Candy Van until we have 1 horrible inning and come up way short in the end.

 Week 5: We beat Relax.

And shut them out?

Dre's response...

 League's response...

Week 6: We beat Tyrannical Dunderbaggers. How the game went...

How we feel about their team name...

Week 7: Our second bye week.

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