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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

PurpleSaurus Rex

Two important things were discovered last week at the fields:

1. Kickball is still freaking awesome when you're sober, and $7 pitchers remedy that condition in a hurry after the game.
2. Every reasonably good play must be celebrated by tucking your arms into your body like a t-rex and roaring proudly.

Ok so that's three things. Whatever. I do what I want.

PurpleSaurus continues it's unexpected run of competence with a 3-0 win over One Kick Wonders, mostly on the strength of a huge two run homer off the resurgent leg of John "Air Mail" Mitrowski. Honestly the whole thing could have gone much differently, the Wonders loaded the bases in three separate innings on methodical bunts but weren't able to convert any runs when it came down to crunch time. PurpleSaurus? We practice kicking away every time we're at the plate, so getting it out of the infield isn't an under-practiced skill. In short, Scott, your shit's weak

Off the field the PurpleSaurus train kept rolling all weekend, representing at Carnval with the glittering purple visage of our namesake bolding painted across my torso. And I do mean glittery. Still getting that shit out of my scalp.

Favorite response to this photo:

Sterling: So is that some kind of crown or what?
Stephen: Oh ... oh no that's just glitter and pomade.

Looking ahead at the schedule we have long-time WAKA friends Balls Against Humanity on deck for Thursday, and their results look mixed. On the one hand, the lost in week one to the same team we beat last week. On the other hand, they won 19-2 in week 2 and have had a week off to gameplan for our unpredictable and volatile offense (secret scouting report: we're kicking away).

See you on the fields, and see you on the bar! I mean at the bar. Well, let's not rule out on the bar, we'll see where the night takes us.

Yours in Kool-Aid,
PurpleSaurus Rex

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