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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

The Tyrannical Dunderbaggers

Dunder got crushed. It wasn't one of those "I'm not a player I just crush a lot" whimsical crushes either. It was a full blown drop an acme anvil from the top of a cliff while Dunder is minding their own business chasing a road runner crushed. Sure, we'll get back up and we're going to keep doing the same shit we usually do, but ouch that kind of hurt. The only thing worse than getting crushed that badly was having to wait through an hour of traffic, barely making it on time to our 6:30 game, and then getting crushed that badly. There was no time to drink a few beers. There was no time to throw the ball around a bit. There was no time to do anything but put on cleats and to go get absolutely destroyed. Which honestly sounds fairly similar to what may have been happening right after our staggering defeat.

At the start of the season there was this whole "On a scale of one to three, how good are you guys?" question. We said 2. We were pretty honest about it, we're an ok team. We have a bunch of people who've played a bunch of season, but none of us are slumming on Dunder from a capital team and none of us have any illusions about playing circuit kickball. We're an ok team. We have fun. We drink beer. We were pretty excited about getting to play teams like us, teams that are decent at kickball, there to both drink some beers and have some fun, and teams that are quite handsome.

So, you can imagine our surprise when the schedules come out and we're playing a capital team, the team that won the live division two seasons ago, a team that just left the capital league, another team that's in the top third of the league and exactly one team that matches up fairly similarly to us. We were a bit perplexed. Don't worry though. We're still going to drink beer and have fun. We're probably going to lose a lot and hope to go on a decent playoff streak. However, we're calling bullshit on this whole "On a scale of one to three, how good are you guys?" league match up idea.

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