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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Relax and Let It Happen

We didn’t care about last week’s game with Wolverines, and we don’t care about this week vs. the Raging Dinos. They’ll show up, we’ll destroy, high fives will be exchanged, and we’ll go back to our daily lives. Pishity poshity poo.

This week we’d like to use our GMOT opportunity to share with you the other things that Relax is awesome at. We have a critically acclaimed soccer franchise – did you know? We are led to victory week after week with Clay “Golden Boot” Logue at the top, Jenna, Kate and CV’s own Tom Hallock abreast in our midfield, and JG, Jay “Stonewall Jaykson” Russell and Shan holding us down in the back. The lucky breaks that do get by are immediately shut down by Dave “The Cat” Stratton in between the pipes. The entire Austin Sports and Social community fears us, and rightfully so. We’ve been league runner ups for about 5 seasons now, and we can feel the championship in our near future. This season is a GREAT time to be great.

Additionally, we are taking our kickball skills to Atlanta in March for the Georgia Kickball Open. We’re also taking Joey. This is a little bit like adopting a pet tiger. In the pit of your heart, you know it’s a bad idea. But you do it anyways, because he looks so majestic! He’ll keep biting off the faces of your loved ones, and you’ll keep forgiving him, attributing it to the “natural way of his animal instincts”. One day you’ll be really sorry, but as long as that day isn’t today… YOLO. On a brighter note, we’re combining forces with “Lock it Up” hailing from the great state of New York. We’re gonna be looking good in orange, and we plan to bring the glory of a kickball title back to Austin.

We’ll continue to keep you guys posted on all of our successes. Love you!!

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