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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Stride of Pride

S-lay. For every in the league wants to do Jordan. He's prettier than most. SLAY HIM OR KILL YOURSELF, TOM! 
T-anker. Not enough positive adjectives in the world to even bother here. And he's better than Val.
R-ing. Mizzy was blinged out last week from a wedding proposal. The happy marriage has now ended in tragedy I guess, but what a week!
I-ndependent. Leann's like a lone lumberjack in the woods. She don't need nobody.
D-ouchebags. Our opponents for the week are the douchiest of them all.
E-rin. Was that too easy? Is she too easy? 
O-ppressive. Sound like a certain leader to you? There's a reason this team was created. Now the people rule. 
F-reak injury. Bruce would you quit already? Tearing ligaments stretching? COME ON.
P-retty hair. NOBODY on the team has hair quite as pretty as Zach. We all hope one day to grow flowing golden locks like his. 
R-abid drinker. I think that sums Carrie up in a nutshell. Moving on.
I-Scott damn near gouged his eye out last time we played CV catching a ball. That guy's crazy. Yes, I did just use I for eye. Blow me.
D-rinking. It's all that is ever on Kate's mind. She just smoothly tried to play it off with "i swear to god i think about things other than alcohol..." but we know better.
E-ddie. That one wasn't even a challenge. 

Nobody actually likes you Candy Van.

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