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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Tight and Bright

Last week’s game against Suck My Kick was an incredible experience, eliciting sensational emotion and lighting the fire of TnB’s rarely challenged competitive nature.

The game started with an ounce of uncertainty as Kerry performed perhaps one of the worst attempted catch and misses ever seen at South Austin Rec Center. SMK went up by one. Then they went up by 2. Things were looking bleak for a moment. But we are a band of brothers, and we are not to be questioned.

SMK saw 3 consecutive girls in the lineup. Perhaps they relaxed. Perhaps they felt safe. Who’s really to say what they did but themselves? All I know is that whatever they did, it was wrong. They failed to see the treacherous threat that lurks in the gauntlet of Alex “Sweet Cleats” Gagarin, and Kate “Slow and Steady” Rutkowski, and Erin “Been making it to 1st Base since I was 11” Shirley. The bases get loaded 9 times out of 10… and then there’s Bogdan “Seal the Deal” Ubvrczhekinglock? Y’all got no chance.

We scored 1, and should’ve scored another but some BS call got in the way. No worries. We knew we’d tie it up, and we did. Then SMK may or may not have rearranged their line-up, because apparently that’s allowed now. Do what you will. Our lineup needs no rearranging, because there is literally no weak link. Their hearts rushed with a tremendous kick deep into our outfield that was magically caught by Aurel and Butler collectively - not sure it was pretty, but I am sure it was great. Twas the bottom of the 5th, and a sense of destiny floated in the air. The girly gauntlet came up again and IDK what SMK was doing because in the wise words of one of our nation’s great leaders “If you fool me, can’t get fooled again.” But alas, fool them we did. All I know is it was Alex on 3rd, and me on 2nd, 1st base empty and Bogdan up. Do I even need to spell it out for you? Bogdan took things to Boomtown, Alex sauntered on over to home plate, and we walked those bitches off. VICTORIOUS AGAIN!!!!

This week we play Big Leballski, which will put us at 6-0 at this point I believe. Peace and love y’all.

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