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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Tight and Bright

TnB is nailing it in every possible way this season. We’re undefeated and we’re definitely not sorry. FYI, League – if no one stops us, we can’t be stopped!! This week we play Suck My Kick – who ARE you even? We don’t care.

A special thanks to everyone who looked on and got hyped about our inter-squad engagement last week. It was a magical moment, followed by an incredible bachelorette party which I’m pretty sure no one remembers. Except maybe the girl giving the look of horror in the background below. Yes, it’s all moving a little fast, but you really only have a few months in these types of scenarios.

Kudos to That Kick Cray for taking it like champs last week. Highlights include: homemade Valentines, light up tutus and furry neon bear caps, and a majestic laser RKI from Bogdan that appeared to come from the boot of Messi himself. For the good of the Live League, we vow to keep on keepin it Tight and Bright. Peace and love y’all.

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