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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

The Tyrannical Dunderbaggers

Last week was the first game of our season. We played Rekickulous, our favorite non-Dunder team. We went in expecting a close game and that it would be our game to lose. We were kind of right.

Every other game or so we have what we've grown to call the "Dunder Inning". It's the one inning in a close game where the wheels come off. No matter what we do, we just can't seem to get it right. It's the inning where the ball is slightly misplayed and dropped on an otherwise typical catch. It's the inning where normally easy throws are just slightly missed. It's the inning where the ball gets held a little too long and the runner that should have been gunned down scores easily. It's the inning where someone decides they can throw and get the runner that is being lazy getting back to base out and instead throws it into the outfield. It's the inning that all of the booze we've been drinking hits us all at once. Basically, it's the inning where Matt's hair turns grey.

We had a hell of a Dunder Inning last game. Our new players all were kicking major ass. Our veterans were playing well and having some fun. Our O was getting the job done and turning heads. Our D was doing well and getting out of jams. Rekickulous was playing exactly how we anticipated they would. We seemed to be easing into a small margin victory and then it happened. The ghosts of Dunder past showed up and we suddenly couldn't get anything right. We turned a small lead into a 7 to 2 deficit. The Dunder Inning had reared it's ugly head. We got a couple more runs on the board after, but the first Dunder Inning of the year shat all over our hopes and we lost 7 - 4.

This week we play the Wolverines. They're a group of Michigan alums. A lot of Dunder are from the Ohio State. We're coming off a tough loss. A lot of Dunder can't wait to yet again prove Ohio dominant over Michigan. There will be no Dunder Inning this week.

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