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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

The Tyrannical Dunderbaggers

The Tyrannical Dunderbaggers had a bi-week.

Some of us came out and watched the Rikickulous / PurpleSaurus Rex game. A couple of us ref'ed the game. It's not like we were pulling for anyone, but would like to mention that 5 of their players have played multiple seasons on Dunder in WAKA or ASSC, have played tournaments with Dunderers, or played in the first generation of Thorzday Ballers with a couple of us. It would be pretty fair to say their our favorite non-Dunder team.

These guys are going be good once they get used to WAKA rules. However, since the Rex refuses to bunt, our game against them tonight will feature their first game with WAKA-style bunting, we're still not sure they're going to adjust well out of the gate. They've got a beast of a catcher and a damn good charger, but we're not sure they know what they're in for. We've seen the strong majority of the team and
know what they're capable of. We know who to play in and who to play out for. We know who to avoid kicking towards.

Now, Rikickulous can say the same for most of Dunder as well, but we've got a few new players they've never seen. We've already got the basics down. We've already made all of the adjustments long ago. As long as Dunder manages to knock some rust off early, gel with the new Dunderites and we avoid our every-other-game standard Dunder-inning it's our game to lose.

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