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Thursday, January 17, 2013

The Tyrannical Dunderbaggers

The Tyrannical Dunderbaggers are back for more average kickball and above average fun.

First, congratulations to team award winners from last season:
Ben H.  – Male MVP
Alli B.  – Female MVP
Jennifer D.  – Most Improved
David M.  – Play of the Year

Second, out of the over 40 names submitted at our EoS party, The Tyrannical Dunderbaggers won.  Though it did have some serious competition from such names as:  Will Trade Sex for Kickball Registration; Tim Barnhart’s Enormous Dunder Sack; Dundertakers; Enchantment Dunder the Sea and several others.  Team vote is how we determine the name people, no one said democracy was pretty.

Finally, we have some new blood on the team this season … ready to be indoctrinated in the ways of Dunder-dom.
Sandy M.
Kathy G.
Stephanie G.
Robert N.
Mike M.

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