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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

PurpleSaurus Jason

A few individuals pointed out that I “forgot” to include our charger Jason Casey in our roster when introducing everyone last week, but these allegations are perfectly false. The truth of the matter is, the majesty that is Jason Casey cannot be contained in a single line and a clever nickname, NAY! This man deserves his own GMOT entry.

Jason was a chance addition to our team last season, as another kickball rep mentioned that he was looking for a “fun” team in the South league, and was a “pretty solid” player. I added him to (then Get Drunk, Kick Away, now PurpleSaurus Rex)’s roster without ever meeting the guy, and was prepared to convert another one of Cameron’s cheeseball friends to to the true ways of kickball. It only took one week to realize that he was probably the best player on our roster, move him to charger, and have him anchor the kicking order every week. But Jason’s qualities don’t stop with his kickball prowess, oh no. More than that, he is an Adonis among men. Jason is a quiet and a very calm person. His interests include philosophy, learning about new technology, and personal organizing. His hair is so thick and flowy when he lets it grow long that his female friends call him by his alter ego-- Chadwick Pennington III (aka The Chad, who is scheduled to make a reappearance within the next few months). Other than kickball, which he has been playing regularly for four years, he also plays roller hockey as a defenseman.His favorite foods include spaghetti, Korean bulgogi, and ice cream. He enjoys watching movies and taking long walks along the beach. He has a poorly-behaved cat named Boo who he frequently picks up an uses as a Laser Cat.

Now I hate to come in with the bad news after I’ve worked the ladies in the league into a collective froth but Jason joined our team shortly after marrying his lovely wife Kristie, so try and keep it in your pants when you see those romance-novel-cover locks and steely good looks on the fields. In conclusion: I’d like to introduce Jason “MVP” Casey:

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