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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Stride of Pride

Here's a quick recap of Stride of Pride's first glorious game:

We started by explaining the rules to half the team. The bases are run in a counter clockwise direction. The ball has to bounce twice. Etc.

Even the newbies figured out that Val sucks and made fun of her for 48 of the 50 minutes of the game.
We scored a run. It was almost two, but we feel we got robbed by the tyrannical ref, Cameron Jr. (<--- that's you, Jay).

Kate, Zach, Trevor, Leann, Jordan and Eddie played admirably.

But old-timer Mizzy R. stole the show with some amazing catches.

Fireball wuz had.

Still nobody likes playing against Candy Van cause when they're up 10-0 they're still in crush mode.

And this week we have Carrie G. to help continue our dominant reign atop the league.

Does that cover everything? I think so. We'll just continue to walk home carrying our head's up high at 7 a.m. wearing what we wore last night (all leaving from Kate's house) until we see you again.

P.S. Suck it, Teabaggers.

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