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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Hannah Montana

Hannah Montana returns to Live kickball for their triumphant return to the minor leagues!


Couldn't hang in Cap?


Wanted to beat up on some "easier" teams?


The reality? We are no longer the dirty sex tape we used to be.  This season alone we lost 9 regulars on the Hannah Montana squad.  With that many new people filling it, it was time to put away the production cameras, and shoot down and dirty, Amateur style.

So while we are thrilled to join the teams in Live, you may need to take it easy on the newbs! With only 2 people left form the original Hannah Montana team, it is hard to tell if we will ever return to our former selves, but for now- who cares! We are going to enjoy the trip and hopefully have a few too many drinks along the way!!!

We will be re-instating our long tradition of "Pre-game Drinking Race" for Home Field advantage.  If you wanna have a boat race with 3 vs. 3, we are in! If you wanna have a shotgun race with 10 vs. 10, we are in!

We missed you Live...


Hannah Montana

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