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Thursday, January 24, 2013

PurpleSaurus Rex

The Rex has returned, and as the apex predator in this timid, trembling league of prey animals, we extend the warmest greetings our powerful, knife-lined, slavering jaws can offer. Rikickulous apparently didn't get the memo that we are not to be trifled with and beat us 4-3 in 6 innings, but we are unfazed. Like seriously unfazed. This is what happens when you beat our team:

It doesn't even register. The Purple Punch is making it return, and keep this on the DL but I'm keeping the ABV low for the first few weeks to lull everyone into a false sense of security before bringing it back to death levels around mid season and restoring it's full panty-dropping potential.

Next up? Pitches be Trippin. I've already challenged Adam to leg wrestling in lieu of RPS to decide home field, and since he's already accepted I'll share this image of my last victim:

Prepare yourself! I actually think we might lose this game by 30, but I fully believe we'll be sharing punch and funsies with these folks pre-game, during-game, post-game, in the alley by G&S, my place for a night cap maybe? Damn those would be good looking babies.

I feel like the Purps need an intro, being that its a pretty new lineup, so lets take a look at the roster!

Stephen "Look How High I Kicked It" Moursund - Captain, 1B, Awesome
Andrew "Sorry for Partying" Cox - P
Kristen "Sex Kitten" De Yoe - 2B
Ashley "Is It OK if I Bring My Dog?" McKemie - OF
Kelsey "Foxy Coxie" Hill - OF
Erica "I'm Gonna Ride Your Boyfriend" Diaz - 2B
Kim "Buns Out, Wiener" Vozar - SS
Colin "Hasn't Showed Up Yet" Heneghan - OF
Rob "Tiny" Jaskula - 3B
Kristie "Sometimes Bunts" Kelly - SS
Megan "Probably Won't Ever Actually Play" Lundquist - 2B
Sterling "I Stayed Up Until 3 Watching the Australian Open Last Night" Shrader
"Johnny Mitro" Mitrowski - C
Falesha "Feesh Balls" Thrash - 2B
Alex "I Have to Raid at 7:30" Mitrowski - OF
Alex "I Got It!!! ... Shit!" Morris - OF
Amy "Brunhilda" Brunner - 2B
Eric "Forced Entry" Ormsby - OF
Clayton "I'm Too Nice to be Made Fun Of" Porter - OF
Hayley "Rub it Out" Fojtik - OF

So it turns out there are a ton of people on the team this season, awesome! Look for the ORIGINAL dino-themed team in purple tonight, we'll be hanging out in the back of the park all night and then taking care of business at the bar until late.

Stephen and PurpleSaurus Rex

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