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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

The Big Leballskis

The Big Leballski's started the year off with a bang!  Even before the eventual 6-1 victory got underway the Interim Captain of the LeBALLski's celebrated the first Rock, Paper, Scissor victory. Thinking it was over; he pumped his first only to be shut down by the Ref when being told it was a best 2 out of 3 game.  The captain for The Bruce is Loose disposed of our captain in the next two R,P,S rounds and took home field advantage.

It was the last loss The Big LeBALLski's would be handed by The Bruce is Loose (side note: inexplicably known as Creme de Caca for this game only). 
The victory was in doubt in the first 3 innings as a series of Fair/Foul rulings went against The Big L's.  Fittingly for our team's namesake, it was an "On The Line" fair call that caused the most consternation.  Our team froze when a ball was called on the line (not knowing that it also meant the ball was fair) and let a run score in the process. We were able to keep our cool, be Dude-like, and were not defeated by the Walter Sobchack-esk "Over the line" call. After the tense inning we were able to discuss the fact that this was not Nam and there are rules...  we are still just learning them, however.

Over the last 2 innings we did not dabble in pacifism and scored 5 unanswered runs to take home the first victory of the year.  We had a great time and really enjoyed our first outing as a team.
Special thanks to the ref for putting up with us and for The Bruce is Loose/Creme de Caca for performing the "infinite loop" congratulatory good game hand slaps, as we hope to make that a tradition.

About half the team was able to make it to the bar for a celebratory White Russian. When our team is at full strength next week we hope to have more than just a few.  Until next week....

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